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To weather channel dot com and see some of that but when we need to talk about a her I mean a a tornado ripping through and you're used to seeing that kind of damage you're talking about that scope just wide spread everywhere you see every direction you look I in this area marsh harbour in the Bahamas is where Dave bell cough the weather channel was reporting just now so our hearts obviously go out to those people as we speak and we are still awaiting what it might mean for at eastern North Carolina a much weakened storm as far as wind speed and category but a rain still very much an issue I was just looking at some of the the stats in years past four areas like Charleston when hurricane Hugo came through in nineteen eighty nine the water level at that point in Charleston the Cooper river entrance gauge six point seven six feet back in nineteen eighty nine and then you go on down the list and you see names like hurricane Irma in twenty seventeen hurricane Matthew of course in twenty sixteen and Matthew is the name you're hearing most associated with this particular hurricane here hurricane Dorian as far as far as what it could mean for eastern North Carolina we're hoping not as severe but we're still watching this and we continue to check in with the weather channel throughout the me in the morning now you have people from the coast to were heading inland to places like Winthrop Winthrop university is with the common an open house to people from places like Charleston boxes Derek Gallinger at Winthrop talking to students from college of Charleston it's not exactly home before hundred twenty college of Charleston students this is about as close as it's going to be for the next few days hot air mattresses blankets bags and getting used to new surroundings of Winthrop for some it's like freshman orientation all over again.

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