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Thirty five now, Stephen Ted here on Thursday morning, November fifteenth the ides of November is Ted says twenty eighteen and there are a few events that that occur. In your lifetime that you remember very vividly one of them, being of course, for me and my life to watching the guys landed on the moon the assassination of president Kennedy in it that was around this time of the year. Remember a on the twenty second of November and sixties free. And remember that my we were going to western Kansas for thanksgiving with my grandparents and that weekend in car radio, and on TV who what have we can that was another one that stands out in my mind, and some of you are not old enough to remember nineteen fifty nine on this date when the four members of the Herbert clutter family of Holcomb Kansas were found murdered in their home ex convicts, Richard hickok and Perry. Smith later convicted of the killings and hanged in a case made famous by the Truman Capote book in cold blood Truman Capote, this little what did he written a couple of plays in a couple of things Ted before that you got the idea for what they called a real life novel or something. The way he put it. But it was written very very well written great narrative about this family and people the great line in the movie is one of the the agent played by four sizes saying to somebody people out somebody says people out here don't lock their doors tonight at he says, they will tonight that just kind of chased away a lot of cans thought about things. It's terrible. Terrible crime family murdered in their home and in cold blood and Holcomb is a town about what six seven miles to the west of garden sitting out in the South County. The guy who the man who hired me in radio Chuck Schechner. Actually, I think began his radio career in garden city at that time. So check would regale stories about, you know, the people in that in the book and the movie that the agent that local sheriff everybody, he knew them all and it was an experience for him because he was out there. Right about the time that Capote was out there. And so he always had some interesting stories about it. But that's something that as a youngster in grade school, and this thing is in the paper. And I don't read the paper much. I had the weekly readers school, but I didn't read the newspaper much. But there it was. And I I remember just sitting there reading the whole thing and just being mesmerized by this terrible. Terrible crime and four people murdered in their own home. Nice god-fearing prominent people. All right. Capote's most famous works before that was probably breakfast at Tiffany's the add some others that I've read in there. Frankly, I think the guy was really really good writer. He was and most of the stuff that I read that he did. I enjoyed. But he did a number on that got to know these two guys fairly intimately, and they were up there on death row in Lansing, and he got no really really well did a lot of background, and yeah, it's quite a story. If you've never looked into in cold blood, you ought to. But don't do it on a wintry cold night when the wind is blowing. It's scary outside. I'll just put it that way. Custodian Harper Lee ended up researching a lot of that book out in Phoenix county. They did they did. Seven thirty eight now, Stephen Ted, and what will you what would you go to blows for what would you go? What would you fight somebody not much? I can't think of. If somebody was messing with my wife or kids or grandkids. Maybe I don't know, but ketchup ketchups. I would say no, maybe mustard or mayonnaise now. Now, I'm going to get into a fight over Kanda Duke it out over the countenancing. Yeah. No way. Police in Santa Ana California, trying to find a woman who wanted ketchup in the worst way they haven't found her and she went about getting her catch up in in the worst way the woman who was in the drive in the drive through lane. She entered the restaurant through the employees door and asked for ketchup. When the manager told her the intruder she wasn't allowed inside video released by police shows the woman, attacking the manager other employees tried to pry the woman off before a man who police believe was the ketchup. Help of the capture hunters helper entered the Mickey D's and restrained the woman after which they both left and now they're looking for this woman who decided to assault McDonald's restaurant manager because she didn't get her catch. He's got some issues. There's gotta be more to it. But usually there's something involving oh, not necessarily anger management as much as some sort of impairment chemical impairment of some kind now dead. I don't know about you. But I'm not a big fan of the. Telemarketers me. So I'm like, Greta Garbo, I want to be left alone. And that's one of the great thing about caller ID. Is it can warn you off? Telemarketers senior. Oh, that's my. That's my son calling or my daughter, my friend. So and so-and-so. Well, it didn't work out that way for me. My house last Night Live yesterday afternoon actually a phone rings. And I look at the voter at the at the phone ID nothing. Oh somebody's calling from coke industries. I wonder what they want. Are. They going to offer me some sort of a job or maybe it's a friend who works there something like that. And I get on the line. And I hear this voice say men speak to Shelley you could they couldn't pronounce my wife's name, and they were from another country. And I said been had it was a telemarketer, right? Showed this guy is coke into snow. So I started playing with MSN just coke industries. No, you're using their their ID this coke industry. Click hang up, you know. But I wonder folks out a coke know that they're. I bet they do. Wow. You've seen them. They're putting a voter in a color ID's that are from valley center or from El Dorado, right stuff. Like that it tends to get people to answer the phone. Yeah. Anything to do that. And I don't know. Isn't that big a problem, or is it just something an annoyance that we have to deal with like like, bad, weather or something? Are you supposedly on the no call list? Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's how how effective is that that is baloney with a capital b. Yeah. Hey, the priests are coming to town. Yes. Yep. They're talking about a group the three guy three priests who sing and they're really really good internationally known into concert at RPI the orpheum theatre on November twenty third..

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