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Financial Advisors group Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert. Ryan. You guys have been talking about this now for years, taxes are going to increase. We got to start playing. So this is nothing new for for regular listeners of the show and your clients. But it looks like it's coming to a head now because things are are really furthering up a lot more, and this may well happen. Whether it's this proposal or another proposal. We're going to get hit with a massive Tax hit and tax planning is really what you guys do and one of the key stones of of your firm. Talk about that talk about the difference between tax preparers, somebody that you know, just does your taxes and true tax planners and also work with your retirement and your investment. The biggest difference between a tax preparer. Tax planner is your tax preparer. Somebody you see once a year you send them all your information. You make an appointment to go sit down in their office and they do your taxes and they and then they either hand you back to return that you sign in the email to you, and then it's filed then you honestly you don't hear from them. Until January, February or march of the next year, whereas a taxpayer as someone who is going to have those conversations with you about all right, here's what happened last year that major taxes change. By however much here's what we can do going forward for this year because you're doing taxes in the the year following. Here's what we can do this year. To make changes. So that next March next April, God forbid the extend this tax line again on Mike and I here, But you know, here's what we can do to help reduce taxes. And these are the conversations that I have that I'm having now. With all of my clients, you know, I was just talking with clients of mine the other day. Just this past week. We're and we're talking about, all right. We want to start planning more for retirement. We've talked about doing Roth conversions with their money, which is where we're taking money out of their IRAs and dropping paying tax on it and putting it in to the Roth IRAs and part of those conversations are let's stop. Putting our money away into these traditional IRA account, because if taxes are going to go up in the future, why not pay taxes now on lower tax rates, then we're going to have in the future. So we're talking about. All right. Let's shift this 10% of putting in your traditional for one cake. Let's put it over into your Roth IRA here. The ramifications that's going to have on everything else on your tax return. We need to adjust your tax withholdings appropriately, so that not only you end up with that same net pay in your paycheck every single month. So that we don't have this big surprise at the end of the year and then Oh, by the way, my husband got to raise his salary is going to go up to this. Oh, you just got a bonus. That's another $30,000. Here's the taxes they took out. Can we sit down and talk about these things, and that's what we do. On a regular basis. And quite often, I get phone calls from our radio listeners where we're talking about this. You know, I have this tax issue I want to talk about because I cannot get the answer from my accountant. You know, I have these three running properties. This was a conversation I had a couple weeks ago. I had the three men of property and I want to start getting out of him because I'm getting older and I don't want to Deal with this headache anymore, And when I asked my tax preparer about selling it, all they did was say, Here's how much money you're going to owe in taxes. If you sell it you should send in. An estimated tax payment. And he said, Well, what? What can I do to avoid avoid paying the taxes? It goes, Oh, well, you know, just sell the property. Sending the payment will figure it out. You know, that's that's not that's not what you do. There are so many alternatives when it comes to selling assets like rental properties. You can do exchanges. You can push that capital gain down the road. You can go out and you can buy specific investment vehicles. That allow you to defer the tax is further down the road and get an income stream really working with a tax preparer, an investment manager and a financial planner who looks at all of these aspects and has the tools has the idea is to come up with creative ways to help you to your retirement goals. You want to find out more about this for the next five callers that have saved at least $500,000 or more for retirement? I want to offer you the opportunity to come in and sit down with my can have us put together a complementary financial plan. Give us a call. 866597 10, 48 66597.

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