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Geez oculus star with abc uh uh j k on trump mueller moeller moeller meeting thank you and as i mentioned we have also learn tonight of two key issues robert muller would like to ask president trump about let's get right to our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl who is with us here in new york denied john what are you learn learning well we know that the two of the issues that colmey what did that muller wants to focus on of the firing of james colmey and the firing of michael flynn but i've got to tell you david there is no guarantee this interview will happen in fact i think this could become a big fight i have spoken to people very close to the president who say that he should do everything he should everything possible to stop this interview from happening that it could be a disaster even though he told me back in june he would be one hundred percent willing to do it yes we remember that an um so what are what are they trying to say that he's being advised not to dwell dishes that this is abc versus cbs abc has this they've they try to make it appear that abc's been doing this they they they make it appears that trump's is lying about everything and that's the in this case is they make the clear that he promised he talked moeller and nice zelda is not gonna talk to them under any circumstances we all know one way or the other but if you listen to the same time the same real time report done by cbs on the same day lesson the cbs snip on the trump investigation.

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