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To help you take your next step forward to building you're coaching your mentoring, your consulting practice so that you can have a bigger positive impact out there in the world you can put bigger profits in the bank and you can get the life and lifestyle you want up next we've got the consciousness questions. You're with Bruce Langford, who is an expert in mindfulness, and he's one of the authors of the best selling book cracking the Success Code. Bruce. You're going to be taking a trip Tamar. You may not know that, but you have been selected to take that trip to Mars could be putting you in hibernation. So this is your opportunity to really think for a second here. What are the top three golden nuggets that if you could only tell these three things, this was kind of your legacy in the moment right now to other coaches and mentors and consultants. What would those three nuggets being? Those three nuggets, our number one habit realize that that is your friend understanding habits develop positive habits like a morning routine notice negative habits that you have in ditch them use that think about habits the second one, his activities have intentional activities on a day to day basis because as coaches you know we can get so caught up in coaching our clients and helping them in doing research and everything else that we forget that our bodies need activity we have to move. That's going to give us energy in. It's GonNa. Help US come up with the right answers the better answers the third one is meditation whatever form that will take for you. It can take many forms whether you're out for a jog every morning, and that's your meditation time or you're just sitting down and and giving your brain a break having meditation. So those three Golden Nuggets are habit activity and meditation. Those three things were really help you to be a successful coach. Well again, you're one of the authors of the best selling book cracking the Success Code. What's a book that you'd recommend for coaches and mentors and consultants that are listening today? You know I recently read this great book and so impressed with. So many of the awesome suggestions in it's called the prosperous coach and it's written by Steve Chandler and rich Litvan in the subtitle is increase income an impact for you and your clients, and you know as coaches, we always have to be looking at the bottom line. How do we increase income? How do we improve our business or we're actually generating a good amount of income? So that's a book that I would strongly recommend. It's great. Actually have that book, myself? You Know Bruce in my book, conscious Mooner Grow Your Business by making a difference I focus on what I call the new path to reaching your I know Ian and it combines doing what we coaches love making bat bigger positive impact, and then opening ourselves up to receive the big profits in return. What is that positive impact? You're always focused on getting with your customers Bruce. I'm always focus jv on an leaving them with specific exercises based on mindfulness, and as I get to know my clients and I just gradually kind of game more and more insight into who they are and their goals where they're heading what they want in their lives. I give them activities which are perfect for them based on on where they're going. So it's it's those specific. That my clients say have really helped them move forward. And you know what? If people are listening today and I know that could be those of you who are really resonating with Bruce you WANNA get in contact with him. What is the best way for them to reach you Bruce While you can you can check me out on my website, which is my podcast website mindfulness mode, dot com..

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