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Tell of you W t F M Manassas, Wtl PFM Braddock Heights Frederick It's 8 58 traffic and Weather on the Eights and Jack Taylor in the W T o P Traffic center. We'll start in Maryland coming out of Frederick Running to 70 headed in the South bound direction is you leave her Bana watch for the work sound that setting up down there? Hi. It's town before 109 taking away the left lane that usually causes some pretty sizable delays. As you end the morning rush hour going into and through the mid day the rest of the ride south. You're good at a German town all the way to the lane. Divide nice and quiet between the Beltway still on 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Crews were checking on 29 down your Stuart Layne that have been a reported crash of vehicle was on fire. It's been put out land over 50 eastbound near 4 10. What's left of it sitting over safely on the shoulder. Now there's been a lane blocked out of Frederick headed east on 70 toward new market before exit 62. The crash cleanup had been blocking the left lane. The delays easing. Hopefully everything's open now 50 out of the Bay Bridge. The reminder. All your lanes are open, but you're dealing with wind warnings, no vehicle restrictions. There's a work sound setting up down in Falmouth on business. 17 out near Melchers. Dr. Apparently some manhole covers need to be replaced. Follow police direction. Good news on 28 north bound the ramp to go east on 66, Virginia State Police and VI died apparently of cleared accident activity off of that ramp, so you should find lanes open the rest of the right eastbound. You've definitely got to slow down in the long term work between 1, 23 and Nutley. The W T o p traffic centers presented by Window Nation Enjoy no interest for five years. Jack Taylor deputy T o P. Traffic Storm Team four's Matt Ritter cloudy early today but clearing during the day sunshine this afternoon. Blustery and cold highs in the upper thirties to low forties blustery tonight upper teens to mid twenties in blustery and cold tomorrow mid to upper thirties sunshine early Saturday before clouds moved back in.

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