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Hey everybody welcome movie crush charles w chuck brian here the home studio city market atlanta georgia and this week i had the great pleasure of sitting down with aaron mckie podcasting superstar aaron mckie of lor fame erin as it turns out is a great dude and i knew this because he is working with this now we've announced this already but were very excited erin has joined the stuff media family and is going to be doing some shows with us starting pretty soon actually i don't think we're announcing exactly what the shows are yet but he's got one coming out soon and then we got another one coming out with him this fall and then hopefully another one to follow and we're all super excited because aaron came into town and i was tasked i guess that's the right word because it was a pure pleasure but i was asked to kind of hang out with aaron and his production team here and oversee what they were talking about doing and and took him out to a nice dinner and he's just a great guy he's super smart he's funny he's engaging he's he's all the things that fit with our network and it was it was just a a match made in heaven so i know you're going to enjoy the shows that we have coming out with aaron and ask them to be on movie crush when he was here naturally because i can't have someone of his talents in the building without getting him in the old booth and he was happy to do so and when he picked his favorite movie the village from m night sham lan at all sort of clicked into place now it's like of course that's his favorite movie and he goes deep on this one while will spoil it but let's say that he has a village theme party every year that is house that's much into this movie he is so here we go without any further delays it's me.

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