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Absolutely terrible. It's a situation where we're having to come to work and do our jobs with out the prospect of knowing where or when we're going to get our next paycheck. Passengers at Logan have been tweeting their thanks to the TSA agents who are working quickly to make sure that the lines don't build up, but across the country. Passengers are facing long lines and closed checkpoint says unpaid TSA screeners are calling out sick Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airport is encouraging travelers to. Arrive at the airport three hours before domestic flights. The TSA says that sick calls from agents are coming in at more than double than they were at the same time last year death. Thank you, Sherry a day of rescues and these parts WBZ's Chris pharma with that the first incident happened late yesterday afternoon in Arlington on spy pond. When what a couple of thought was ice fit for skating gave way first responders found the husband in freezing water clinging to a piece of broken ice his wife nearby trying to lend assistance both were and treated for hypothermia. And then late last night at mill pond and westboro dispatchers received. This frantic call. Emergency. Again, skaters young men thousands of feet from land. Barry Sullivan with westboro fire says by the time, they reached the man in the water time was running out who is fifteen minutes in cold water Josten. I mean, he was given everything he probably had left in them. Just to be able to go to tell us where he was Chris foam WBZ Boston's NewsRadio for the first time in US history, motor vehicle crashes are not the number one cause of deaths in the US. The national safety council says a person is more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose in a car crash. The odds for an overdose are one in Ninety-six a car accident. One in one hundred three coming up a big change on the way for this show, sir. You're not allowed to be on the carousel. Maybe you shouldn't have named it. Such a fun word six thirty three. Now, traffic.

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