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Up to ryan and dennis ryan jones and dennis lock right here at the three sixty cabin. That's where we are Broadcasting out of tonight we are up in the upper part of the cabinet in the back. Room the cabinet is going through renovations. Yeah actually exited a little bit. Yeah So we're really excited me did. Yeah it's a really excited about the renovations that are taking place and props to denison ryan It's gonna be really great. For twenty twenty one will really happy and happy to be a part of the cabinet three sixty as they sponsor us and we promote them. Also wanna give a quick shot out and promotions to sarah valiant syrup elliott are injured song. Cold was an incredible hit Year and a half ago. I saw her. It is like i love these guys. Talk to him and man. Let me tell you what great great great great group of guys on the west coast. Hopefully that will make it to the east coast. Hopefully and twenty twenty one for toward eight And hang out with us. Maybe if they come to richmond and be able to hang out with us when that would be cool So we make sure we get mad. Shout outs to them We've started some on air band. Page on facebook the writ radio podcast network If you go to the pay juicy group of photo groupings albums and what we starting now as next step we have her musical artists. That support air network. What we started now as arthur's the authors who us and you've been on our shows i love you only have office because they'll send us their book and get a free but three she loves out part and also because there. We've had wonderful people of pamela. Pamela early We've had susan schwartz and just list. Oh bishop chris then oh yeah We will be having her and all of them. So what we've done is we've started with christina i Bishop her holiness. Because she was the first author tocom..

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