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Uh, but unfortunately it's still Providence all the way from me. Yeah. His, uh, new podcast would be out in the fall. Uh, and it's covering the Springfield Thunderbirds, like a team that he currently works for, but him and another, another, um, colleague over at the AHL club are putting together a program and, you know, going to miss him as a, you know, we talked about earlier and his parting words, but, you know, it's good for him, you know, it's just, this is, it's awesome, you know, and we're bringing on Chris Nocek, uh, who's also a knowledgeable person. And, you know, I think he can, uh, drive a good agenda and bring up some good discussion points and, you know, fill those shoes nicely. So we're excited to have a nice transition of, of passionate Bruins fans that are eager to, uh, you know, commit to quality content every week. So certainly appreciate it, but Tom, I'm gonna, and let me just say to the, to people thinking about it, Mark, that, that. You know, they'd like to come on and write something and you know what? It only takes a little bit of effort guys. That's how I started 15 years ago. Uh, it's just a little Ontario hockey league blog, you know, that, uh, has gained followers over the last 15 years, you know, in, in a couple of thousands. Well, we'll say so, um, you know, it's a great way to put yourself out there. If you have the passion for the Boston Bruins or the Providence Bruins, or even the prospects, it's a good place to start with Mark and, and, you know, put your thoughts down into words. Nobody's going to laugh at you. Uh, nobody's going to make fun of you. It's just a way of getting, getting started. And Mark has had some people move on to bigger things, uh, come through his network. So, uh, even if it's not a field that you're interested in getting into, and it's just a passion for the game, I suggest you'd give it a try. Oh, thanks, Tom. I appreciate that plug. And I'm going to, I'm going to selfishly plug, uh, my friend Grace here. Cause Grace has, has, uh, asked to, uh, you know, inquire about writing a little bit of herself. So if she's got the time to contribute, we'd certainly bring her on. Good for you, Grace. Good for you. All right, guys. Uh, thank you very much, Don Tiano. Uh, it's an absolute, um, uh, pleasure to talk to you again. And we look forward to watching the draft and seeing if any of these people we talked about, uh, you know, uh, get selected by the, uh, the Boston Bruins when the, the whole draft starts on Wednesday night. But as it stands right now, without any trades going on and so on, we, we are looking at a day two, uh, festivities only, but from now until then, things can change the Boston Bruins can make a deal that gets them back into the first or second round, uh, you know, even back in a day one, but who knows, but until then, um, everybody, thank you for listening, please support Dom and his stuff. Uh, we truly appreciate everything that everybody's done. Uh, grace, thank you very much for the Saturday afternoon. Get together with Dom. I appreciate your time, um, so much. And, uh, next week we'll have a, uh, a new host, uh, and that's Chris no sec. So good old Chris, I'm going to re -element Dom, I promise. But anyway, I'm, uh, Mike Allred, that's grace Roberts. That is Dom Tiano. And we are the Black and Gold Hockey Podcast. We will talk to you next week. Peace out. Thanks again for tuning in and supporting this week's episode of

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