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Yeah there's the the single biggest achievement of these this series and you alluded to this earlier as they just like made sore work yeah and they took them three four movies and three of injures movies and a lot of crossovers but they just really made that character interesting yeah you gotta find the right level of sort of self awareness and a reverence for all of these movies to work and that was the most surprising whether they've found the tune comoro we say goodbye to although that makes me sad nebulae can do without i love guardians of the galaxy but this a bit today tonight's peter quail i could live without i but i wanted them to keep making those movies they'll be another him alive yep i could never wish death on david teesta so days you know my feelings on loki like i said paul bet with olsen were given they were you know of la seal see you guys later i can do without them now chris evans is an interesting one because i sort of made my peace with him being done you know done at the end of this movie he's not done at the end and not just that but i get why he had kind of long hair and a beard but it was interesting to go for like a bit for like the new look i mean he's been supporting this for a while but it's interesting to have like this kind of late model captain america and then pulling the plug it's then pull the plug like i every he did very little in this movie except when to be captain america he just sort of like was a walking symbol or icon in this movie he does not wear the stars and stripes he does not yield on his chest.

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