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Will create income you need and retirement without fail. It doesn't make sense to get your own tracks Safe Retirement solutions review. And remember the words of Virgil behind every great man. There is a great woman move that very true. Especially on the disco highway. Oh, yeah. And I are first date. What is it? The boat jangles nightclub and disco. Mr. Bojangles. Mr. Barton. Mr Bojangles boy back in the day we had You know, there was a lot of places to go. We had Bo jangles. We had Hollywood Palace. We had Latin Casino Venus Hollywood Palace. You couldn't get in there. If you are over 6 ft Four Remember five but they had some great shows and Hollywood pound around 40. Right before you was back in the day I met my wife and Mr Bojangles was the one that luckiest days of my life that I was a disco dancing fullback in today. I know you were Them high platform shoes. How couldn't even walk with things right now. But you know, I love the nightlife. I love the boogie on the disco highway and and, you know, I met Tony, my wife at Gerard's actually, for the first time. Come on our first date, we went down. We went to disco in Baltimore City. It was a great place to go because my uncle Joe was one of the bartenders at Girard's. So I get free beers that always worked out pretty good. And then our first evening with CIA, John Waters movie polyester at the Charles Theatre, But back in the day it was Let's get started with this week's show. With an interesting article from Next avenue dot org's understanding The difference between financial planning and retirement planning can be critical to developing a successful retirement income strategy. So we're going to talk about the difference between financial planning retirement planning the difference between absolutely and we but we do it all We do both. But a financial plan is designed to focus on the accumulation phase. Of your work life cycle to make sure that he generally have a realistic target of how much money you're gonna have, and you're going to achieve that. Part of money through financial planning. If you stop working, you stop getting that paycheck. Now we have to talk about retirement planning Retirement financial plan is designed to focus in detail on your expenses after your paycheck stuffs and how your various assets can generate an income stream that's going to cover the cost for the Think about it for the rest of your life. And when we do a retirement income plane we're projecting. It lived to be the ripe old age of 100 years old 100 years old. You and your spouse and your spouse if you're married, and you have some money left over for the kids, or you one of your beneficiary help supplement pay for long term care in That way. If we do an income strategy where we have ah, part of money set aside to help pay for long term here. That's one way we can do it. It's the difference between accumulating and saving while you're at work verses. Putting the money at work when you're no longer working, That's a good point putting your money to work When you stop working. We call this our D accumulation phase of life retirement income. Financial planning is much more detailed, and it's a different experience. It's when you're ready to retire that the detail becomes really relevant Retirement plan and Is different. It focused on a specific aspects of retirement, and it requires careful examination of both your income and your expenses in retirement. You need to look at both sides of the ledger, since they're equally important for anyone worried that being able to pay to afford retirement, conducting a detail retirement financial plan. No, it's invaluable. Invaluable. Yes, it is. You'll protect yourself against any financial can district catastrophe as you get older, and you'll be able to see how much you can spend on things that they like. Maybe travel that's seems to be the main thing people like to do. Maybe spending more time with your friends and family. One approaches the show potential retirement portfolio as buckets of money. To better understand the various types of investments of person has and then offering withdrawal strategies accordingly, withdraw strategies that's a good way to put it with buckets of money will help you understand that many people at first think is a very complex strategy. But after we break it down for you, you will have a full understanding of exactly how the stuff works. Now you'll be able to explain this to anyone that you know, in the back of a napkin. I swear. Something big could be missing from your retirement plan, according to a recent Kiplinger article about 70% of people. Who reaching 65 could potentially need long term care. Well, guess what? The way we're coming up on another dawn break, boys show flies by, doesn't it does if you would like to schedule a visit and meet with Wade and I rest of the safe retirement Solutions team. All you have to do is give us a call. My local phone number is 410. 266.

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