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Where were we in this. I'm trying to be reminding you of or from supposed to move you on to another thing. I do want your kids. So do which are there things that one twin is better margot can do that. Khloe can't do and stuff that khloe can do that. Margo can't do or are they very similar. I'm always interested. I've never i don't. My dad was a twin. But i didn't. I've never interacted with twins that are growing up. It must be so into while social experiment. You have the exact same parents. You're the exact same age. You're born at the exact same time. But you're you're so same time i don't have to explain that to. Usc section cool all right interest here friday violation. But that's really. I don't know probably your adopted so the people work always. How'd your coronavirus tesco. I think that's technically illegal to ask me actually. Yeah i had more people. Reassessing high told one person that i had corona virus. More people from the company reach out to me. That had reached out to me in months and i was like. Are you guys afraid. I gave it to you zoom. I have not left my house. There's no way i'm not. You don't have to contact tracing. I go here. Can i do my best friend thing. I didn't even know your current affairs yet. Nobody did didn't really you didn't do the virus tweet. No because i was. I look i did. I did everything you were supposed to do. I genuinely haven't left. Partially it was because i had growing up lung issues i had reactive airway disease which means every time i got sick like if you had a bug in somehow gave it to me at work i would even. If your bug didn't involve a cough. I would get a really bad cough so it was like an adding co ed shrimp to any stake at a steakhouse. It was like adding. I added cough to every sickness. So in my head. I'm like that's manageable regular life but if corona virus like i'm worried that maybe it'll be really really bad for me long was In another part of it is i hate. I really never wanted to have to get a test. I heard people describe how much they hated that. I pass out during routine multiple Medical procedures yeah. I pass out a lot a pass. Get my story with needles. Just it's a legit medical condition. But i get very defensive about it because nobody takes it seriously and it is so brand for you because you're such a tough girl not i knew that way. You're like super hard work and stuff. I can get through it all power through katie nolan against all odds do. Oh that's very kind. I'm not i'm terrified. Person scared of being hurt all the time you. yeah but i love people very strongly. I love what i do for a living so much that it's like if i love enough i don't mind if it hurts me but if i don't love needles i don't love them so i do mind if they hurt me. Please stop hurting me. So i started passing out mostly with those in the now. It's at the point. Where if i get my blood pressure taken. 'cause somebody explained to me. Somebody cursed me with knowledge and said that what. That's what's happening when they do that is. They're closing one of your blood like veins and seeing how hard it pushes to reopen. And i was like don't do that. You don't do that now. You pass out on a pass out an eye doctor last year. It just say so. I knew yeah as soon as they put out from a full stand jacoby walking to do something. I just woke up on the ground. You puzzles out. I've always had in my people do it. But i've never passed out. Oh my god. I used to pass out as a kid all the time. Pass out like what happens. You're standing there and all of a sudden just on the floor. Yeah when i was younger it was. Because i would hyperventilate. I would like cry about the pain. And my mama beg. You gotta breather. You're gonna and passed out. And i would just like crumble to the ground now i can breathe now. I mostly do like the whole time but does not relaxed breathing. Some actually tensing up. Either way i think in the in the war of fight versus flight. I think i've proven lighter. I just run a retreat. You're so much less cool than i think with the main menas compliment. You ever get. I guess where you are in my head and where you are when you reveal yourself. Sumi are two completely different than you. It's nice to know you thought i was cool at one sad to know. I've disproven it fully. So there's that but anyway i was really good about not going out just because i knew i was going to hate all of the things involved. It and i didn't need to go anywhere. There is no reason to me goanywhere. They cancelled the show so then. Dan was show's on hiatus. So it's canceled. I you know what. I sang that tune about garbage time for a long time to make myself feel better than i was like essentially cancel. Will you had the intellectual properties of maybe heidi's let's be different host sunday or maybe the same host who's to say anyway. Most with future brings the. Dan is a stand up. Comedian and he you know we started dating a couple of months before this all happened and has been living here since it happened and so weird. It's crazy it's crazy because it's worked out it works. He's he's the absolute best. I love him so much. And it's been fantastic. But i've seen him you know he's been doing stand up for should know the number but guess what. I don't a lot of years i would say eighteen. I think it might be more and like nonstop. That's all the time. It's been his life and he got to a point where he had an hbo special which was his goal was jerry and it was so good it was so good and then this happens in a went from like running to a dead stop and i watched that affect him and then he was like you know people are starting to do shows they have dates and i was at but we need to talk about that. Because i don't want you to go out. And i want you to do your thing but i don't want you to get it and i don't want you to bring it back here that would suck and so. We reached a understanding about it. He didn't he didn't do most of the dates he wanted to do. But every now and then he would do some. I used to make him quarantine at his house and get covid negative test before it could come back then. I realized if he got covid positive test i would go to his house and take care of him along appointed finally the last time i was like you know what screw it. Don't get a test. Just come home. And then like two days later he was like i feel good and then it was my birthday and i found out. I had corona virus on it. Thanks so much and then you know took a week off maybe too. I think i took a week off and find now but it was his gary. Did you ever.

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