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Love and there's hating it's pretty simple with them you know the energy is. Good or it's bad there you have a guy so tell me we'll summit up where can somebody. Find you if they're looking to. Go to grooming S-Class so our website, is WWW just for, pause the phone numbers two zero one four, six zero one nine zero zero. And where in Lyndhurst New Jersey on ridge road and I hope you check us out if you're thinking about it today or maybe next, year you never know or. Pass on the information to a friend I really appreciate. Your time today. And and having us here to talk about this for us We appreciate you too Ourika thank you so much guys just for pause you heard it contact them if you're interested in dog grooming contact Ourika here and. And get involved and learn how to do something that's really sober awarding thank you so much What's up guys were here again at the world dog expo, twenty eighteen and I have been hanging out, with, Dorsey oh. Cotton he, basically all weekend and you have. Been. Absolutely mobbed because of how awesome you guys are so we, finally got, a chance to sit down with? Dorothy. And talk about their, great great thing they got going on called forever yours but forever yours actually let me make sure say that right so how did. You even get started in all of this I guess for, anybody who doesn't know already absolutely while several years ago my daughter was, heading into kindergarten and I was a stay at home on. Who suddenly had a lot of time on her hands and I ended up donating my. Time to another local rescue and I got more and more and more. Involved until I was working probably about forty hours a week and investing that much time you. Really want to come. To. A place where you're doing. Things the way, you feel they'll be the most effective and you know the improvements, a little things, and so that's kind of what stirred me to start my own was. I reached a level Oh where I wanted to be a decision maker I wanted to be picking which dogs would be saved and which. Homes they'd be placed in and to also just tweak the adoption. Process lately. Which is probably one of the most special parts of my rescue I do a true trial. Adoption so nobody outraged adopt the dog for me I we spend a couple of weeks, getting to know them and then we place, them, up with. A very, specific bio and once you've seen, that. Bio and reached out to us you'll come meet them and, if you, think it might be a fit? You. Take them home and, spend time with them in the real world environment where you can really see is this the perfect fit for your family and because. Of that we have almost zero returns after adoption so that's, how we kind of got started and it's really been an amazing passion, project it's funny you use the word passionate because literally the. Next thing out of my mouth is going to be the first thing I noticed about. You was your absolute passion for what you're doing and it's so inspiring. To be honest with you and you must be so happy that you fell into this because I don't know that you'd be the same person without starting this, whole thing and continuing to keep it rolling it's so true I. Mean I never would have even. Seen my self being involved in I've always. Been, an animal lover but I mean the amount of work it takes all this you just don't see it and then. You kind of fall in like you said that's exactly how, it happens and you. Fall in love with it and you fall in, love with the connections that you make with people and these animals are so resilient and some of them have been dealt such a bad hand and. Yet they still are, kind and loving and you know sometimes. They need a little work but most of the time we're able to bring that dog. Back to. A happy vibrant family cut that's going, to truly enhance somebody's life and that's really what I'm all about you know in a strange way these animals they pull off things that we, never actually could Dorothy actually told me as quick, story yesterday about miracle amazing story about how she in her off Condition that she was, in still, was able to nurse a litter of puppies that weren't even hers which is just I mean I don't even know what do you say about that Well miracle story and and her official, name was, Christmas miracle because I saw this video of an a dog that was just oh my goodness more emaciated than dog I've ever personally, seen on c., was like concave thing you know and she. Was hobbling around on a broken leg and a gentleman who was videoing. Just gave a Pat on his leg and said, come here girl and she turned around and came to him and I thought this, dog has. Just been nothing but failed by people and there she is still being responsive and gentle and I,.

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