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Not all places obviously are warming up to have a boat. Parade, but I wish they were. Brady is throwing the Lombardi from boat to boat. Uh, who caught it on the other boat drunk. There's like eight people like, Please don't let this drop in the water. I don't think the little party floats. Uh, I just saw Scotty Miller drop Chris Godwin's phone in the water. So that wasn't good. And then Leonard for net was on camera. He said that the sun's getting to him. I think the drinks are getting to him. But he's letter for net, said that being out in the sun this long he looked over J. P P and thought he had all his fingers. So that's what's going on down in the healing power. Two of his digits and half of his thumb grew back. That's crazy. And then there's just they'll just show Gronk every once in a while they were you watching this. I was shot in the NFL network to get away. I've got it online. They've got it online. They're they're playing in that that's from Tampa stations. It's just it's out of control. I don't know. I mean, I like a boat party, but I just got a feeling somebody's going in. Probably drunk. Somebody's going in at some point. When, when? When Brady threw that, Lombardi? I'm just thinking, Wolf boy. Not exactly the Stanley Cup. They could try to get a new one. But I don't think Lombardi's floating to you. After multiple. I think there are multiple conditions of that trophy that they rotate around. Whenever the Boston teams one they'd get out on the duck boats, But I'm trying to remember who else was done. I was wonder how they got to have a parade because they were talking about it. And they said they're gonna do it on the water. And Tampa's in central Florida. It's not far from Orlando, so it's a long way from Miami. So you could get. You know, I know what the temperature is there today. 78. It was 78 Never show that. Yes. You know, it's not like Miami 70. It's still pretty good there. They're not bad. So the waters the waters warm but Yeah. I don't have my heart and watching their victory Parade. John The Kansas City one last year. I wanted no part of watching, you know, And this one, I'm not as interested. No, the both of their Super Bowl championships and 37 over the Raiders and 55 over Kansas City or just so similar In the way the game's went And the Raiders did come back in 37 to make it kind of close. It was really not. But Jerry scored a touchdown, both Cherries to reporter and Jerry Rice. She reported one of the back of the end zone that I didn't it was a touchdown, but Chucking kind of blew his mind there. My head is gonna explode. Are you out of your skull, and I kind of agree with them, but anyway I think you know, because the Raiders were the number one offensive team in football that actually you're rich through for almost 5000 yards. He was gonna get Marino's record. And you know, Kansas City State of the art unstoppable force, and I Just felt like Kansas City didn't have a gear and they were a little I heard the word arrogant, used a little bit. I think Andy's personal situation. Coach Reid with son really was hard on them. But they did not. I don't think they had an alternative. Plan and for the Raiders. I know they were Arrogantly cocky going to that game. Remember, you're sitting a Bill Callahan's office for hours before the game. And I'm going through Tampa's defense and wow, they're really good, especially against the past. That and still inflated team like US and Losing Bera the morning of the game, you know, flip it. They tried to run Iran. Zack Crockett, three straight plays, but that was it. They tried to throw it every play and they couldn't block Simeon Rice and Sap, and you know there It was just it was an onslaught, and John knew What the Raiders were going to do it in this game. I just felt like Kansas City didn't change the launch angle. They didn't roll them out that they had to know They were gonna be some problems with the protection because they have either their tackles or there. Their doctor playing right guard Duvernay Chart Eve and they just never adjusted. So you look at Tampa's two championships defense when Jeff Brady Made plays, obviously in the running game, which is two of the most dominant defensive performances in a Super Bowl, and that's why they've got those two Super Bowl championships very similar, and how they beat the two A F C West teams 18 years apart to may have no doubt about it. By the way, we got so spoiled by these by these parades constantly with the Giants and the Warriors and When you have 12 14 15 5 16. Those are really so We anchored a lot of that stuff right by saying 17 and 16. Damn you ke re and LeBron. But you couldn't change 17 18 every year every year because you were in studio is that never went to one. Uh Did a mall in studio giants 10 times. 10 12 14 1 year I had the copy, man. Rob Schneider. Was she? Well, that's right. Yeah, He knew a lot about Giants baseball. He actually did. He was a Giants fan grown up. The wildest one had to be the right the Jordan Valley Year and all that was at the wildest of them all. Well, there was one giants won. I went out there a couple of years. The Sharks San Francisco long before Proposition 19 was passed was remember coming out after that one and my daughter was in school. Then she wanted to come down and forget which one it was. Just 12. Uh, I mean, that that just smelled like a San Francisco period. I mean, it was like it was. Oh, Buzz going here. It's gonna land here, See? No, no, it's okay. E. But that.

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