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Loss. Angeles Orange County radio station. A tragic mistake on the road. I'm tests about ETA live from the campaign twenty four hour newsroom for people have been hurt in a wrong way. Crash on the five freeway in Santa, Ana. Cops say the wrong way driver was going south in the north lanes of the freeway around one thirty this morning. The driver crashed into another car near first street, the driver was arrested for allegedly driving drunk, California, beekeepers say business has been sweet since the US announced tariffs on China Bill Lewis, owns bills, bees, and sill, mar were hundreds of colonies produce local, Honey Lewis predicts competition won't be as strong, but Chinese products will still end up on the US shelves by passing through other countries such as be at Phnom produce a lot of Honey and are able to produce a lot less expensively than we do in this country. And there is a motivation to import, which drives the price of US Honey down the US consumes, about six hundred million pounds of Honey per year. But produces less than two hundred million pounds news brought to you by the kitchen store. Three architectural firms are competing to drop a new plan for the LA brea. Tar pits campus and museum. The museum campus around the tar pits has been largely unchanged since the late seventies together as an indoor outdoor experiences. Much-needed natural history museums of LA county president, Lori. Berenson, Varga says the three architectural firms are now competing to create a master plan for the campus. See ideal would be that it is a destination, both for Angelino as well as for out of town. Visitors embargo says the concept created by these three teams will be presented to the public over the summer and one will be selected by year's end. Kris Ankarlo, KFI news. Trump administration has been sued for allowing longline fishing off of the California coast. Catherine killed off with a center for biology biology, biological diversity says the practice is driven by greed. There are other more selective ways to catch fish, California. The appeal of these long lines is that they are sixty miles long. There are a thousand hooks. Kilduff says sea turtles and sea mammals get. Caught on the lines and then drown the practice has been banned from the coastal California since two thousand four the ancient religious old city of Jerusalem has become wheelchair friendly, a major, accessibility project has been completed making it easier for visitors with mobility challenges to navigate the narrow pathways.

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