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Do you that's a very optimistic outlook on on out to be honest i'm a little surprised i didn't expect that there's something almost and maybe on is is my interpretation of these things is like a complete completely off i interpret things in a darker way you know i was just on rogan's park asked and we were talking about that song daniel elton john song you know and like what we're talking about what songs mean and i i always thought that song was i was just this is my brain thought that song is about his like friend who died in was being flown off in a plane to get buried somewhere and it's about a vet coming back from the war but like so maybe i'm just a little sinister myself and a projecting it but rhode island i think i think what you're seeing what you're seeing interpreting it and i think that's great that's what bullets were artis four you know like songs have a lot of different meetings to different people and i think but what you're seeing in my videos that that is they're like the the dread and everything for me that's personal stuff that were i have i look i have with social anxiety and i have a lot of anxiety when i'm talking to people or or or you know leading up to the do things in my life right where i'm i'm hyper aware of people's expectations and and if they look look at me a funny way i i i usually tends i can misinterpret what they're saying or what they're doing with their face i think that's where i'm kind of just amplifying those little moments that that bother me at but i make them more for everybody like for people that don't have those kinds of social anxieties that is cool man added itself fucking cool because what like year seeing these microbes gestures in your life which are triggering some kind of like anxiety reaction yeah amber.

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