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Time Billy coming in the Great American I wanna acknowledge. First of all, the 2020 was one hell of a year. 2020 one's got to be a little bit better. We have scheduled to Governor Mike DeWine a 12 05 today because of a conflict mainland are and he's going to join us to 12 35 about 25 30 minutes from now. I don't wanna miss it because all of us want to know including Mohagher. What's the Rollout of the vaccination schedule. How coming hasn't happened more quickly. What's coming up next? There were reporting that those over the age of 65 could start lining up for shots Next week, however, it appears those in nursing homes and convalescent center dark haired right now with the vaccination. So what's gonna happen next week is anyone's guess. So. Stay tuned for the governor about 25 minutes. Also later on is a congressman. Bread wind strip. Also later on is the great number 85 Tim McGee, But until then, Mo Eggar as the first captain 21, Welcome to the Bill Cunningham Show in Mo. How are you? I'm great, Willie. Happy New Year I'm honored. Honored and I'll tell you what Well this morning. A big announcement was made by the Bangles that Zach Taylor is coming back and the 32 games He's coached the Bangles have one. I think a total of six out of 32 games. Watching the game yesterday it appeared the Bangles were completely overmatched, completely overmatched. Going forward. You have to get into the head of Mike Brown and Katie Brown. What do you think was the reason that the general manager and the ownership of the Bangles decided to keep a coach who had won six of 32 games? What is the reason kind of you have to funnel and you have to tunnel through the minds of Mike and Katie Brown? And they're good people. Let's face the good people. I'm not sure about football wise, but they're good people. Why do you think the Bangles manage? Management decided to keep sack Taylor know, based on everything I've come to understand about Mike Brown and the way he operates in the way the family operates loyalty to drives a lot of decisions, whether they should or not, And in many respects that's really, really good. In this respect, I don't know. In the past, it hasn't worked out. They were exceedingly loyal to Dave Shula. They were exceedingly loyal to Marvin Lewis, Um, being exceedingly well to Marvin Lewis in 2010 paid off five consecutive playoff appearances. They've been exceedingly loyal to their own players. You know, you look at this year's team they brought back a J. Green probably shouldn't have brought back Gino Atkins on a contract A couple of years ago. A lot of people questions Brought back Carlos Dunlap on the contract. A couple of years ago. There's been a lot of people questioned. It blew up in their face, but like it or not fair or not, you and I both know, um, loyalty is a very admirable trait, but it guide's decisions for this franchise. And often times it should not. And then the other thing is, if there were any doubts going into that Pittsburgh game As to whether or not Jack Taylor was going to come back as cathartic as it was for Bangles Sands to experience that win as much as that night at Paul Brown Stadium felt like an exorcist, Um, because the Bangles bullied the Steelers, which never happened if there were any doubts about Zac Taylor's future in 2021, But I think that victory threw cold water all over all those doubts and all but confirmed the news that was That we found out today. But Look at the statement of Mike Brown quote. We remain bullish on the foundation. Zach is building I look forward to next year, giving our fans that want results Real one, Mike Brown said. Also, many clubs had all kinds of injury problems, and the Bangles certainly were not exempt from that. They lost their best running back. Maybe their best offensive lineman. Their best defensive linemen were traded hand or did not play up to expectations. Their best wide receiver didn't catch a ball yesterday. And so the foundation is being built. And I'd like to know what is the foundation? What is the plan going forward? And the answers were hell, no. And I want this team to be successful. You want them to be successful? You want your daughter grew up in a city in which the Bangles are acting like is the 19 seventies and eighties again, it was there always winning Division championships going to the Super Bowl a couple time not quite getting there, but the excitement was palpable. And so what do you tell your young daughter? She sits on your lap watching a Bangles game. She's what 45 years old. What will her future look like? Is a bangle stand throughout the 21st century 3.5. She's not quite there. Um, she had no interest in watching the game with me yesterday, which, frankly, I can't blame her because it was awful. So so there's a lot there. The foundation is Joe Borough, you know that. I know that. I think that if there's any reason for optimism with this franchise, it's it's number nine. It's Jo Bro, but you talked about the statement that like Brown released today. My problem with the statement is the first sentence in which he says two years ago, our fans wanted Blank, blank blank right. He points the finger at fans. Don't think fans wanted Jack Taylor. I think what fans wanted was a thorough process in which they turned over every stone in which they had no preconceived notions in mind as to what the prototype for a head coach should be. Didn't care if it was an offensive guy. Defensive guy. Special teams guy old Young experienced from college from the pros. Been a head coach before been a play caller before instead what it felt like is that whoever the next head coach of the Bangles was going to be. You had to check some boxes, right? OK, we want an offensive guy who's young and somebody who's had lunch with Sean McVeigh before. And that letter. Zach Taylor. Zach may be a very good NFL head coaches. Winning percentage right now is worse than Daschle is in huge actions and human Oh, in 16 and one season, but The problem for me, is it him or necessarily even retaining him? It's pointing the finger at the public that did one changed two years ago. We did. The whole operation had been stale under Marvin Lewis, but I didn't want a shortsighted. Frankly lazy process and the way itself Woz. Okay. Aw, offensive guy. Marvin's a defensive guy. We're going to go younger. Marvin's older Everybody wants the next vomit bag. Well, that Taylor works for some Nick. They were all I hear is that Taylor did it feel to you like it was a process to go and get the best in the world at what they do. No, it felt like they were checking boxes. And once all the boxes were checked, it felt like we got Zac Taylor. Mike Brown statement today basically pointed the finger advance. It's essentially more eloquent way of saying, Hey, look, people, this is what you wanted. So what you wanted? This is what you got to shut up and deal with it. We got to fax to stand out to me. The Bangles finished one in five in the F C North. They're outscored by almost 100 points. 1 73 to 80. And with Joe Burrow at the helm, they were a 25 and one What Joe? Borrow, not at the helm. There were two and five So basically the quarterback is important. But maybe not That important. A complete Reed. You must occur. Wide receiver, defensive line linebackers Joe Mixon. God knows. He's hey, had a fabulous last year signed that big deal didn't play the last half of the season. So going forward what excitement is available to us in August and September? Assuming the Bangles can have fans? We're gonna talk to Mike DeWine on that in about 15 minutes in the stands, assuming that's going to occur, What is the excitement looking forward to 2021? You and I both know how this is gonna work, Willie. Hello. Hello, Working. We're gonna load up on this. Go ahead. You and I both know how this is gonna work. Willie. This team is going to be crushed for the for the next couple of weeks locally. The off season..

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