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Back to the status quo, which 1 25. I said, you know, so they have. It's a big deal. That business owners no, no, I get it. If you just wait and took it. If you touch money in one of the loans, right, they were going to consider that to be income and you would be tax on thing. You talk about that the Uh, that they were gonna give everybody relief on that thing. If you're a small business you took that loan got that is cash, Pete. Yeah, the P p p that then therefore you wouldn't have to pay on your being a tax on that. I guess that's part of it is well going too far into the weeds. Have a question for you. He got one shot. Did he get the second shot? Or he only has one. We didn't get to that that I'm aware of. I will say this because there was supposed to be a plan for this press conference, And then it kind of got turned around with the Amazon vaccine announcement. And then things just kind of went off the rails so much. So that was third in line for the question. I've always way go and and he interrupted me again right before I got to ask my questions, but I got to stack my questions. So I did a double take like I don't double stuff that you like so much fun. And I got like the longest answer in the history of the press conferences. It was very long and detailed, and I was very impressed. Thank you not listen to the testimony, but I'll tell you that So, Hannah, is this? What? We're supposed to play this now or we're going to talk you up to it. Let me set this up, so I don't know if you guys heard yesterday, there was this bipartisan bill. Maybe we even talked about it on reopening the state. It was Democrat Mark Mullen and Republican Senator John Brown. Have it. It would basically move the entire state to phase two, right? And there was so many people who came out and spoke about it or wanted to weigh in with the written testimony more than 1600, so I wanted to know if the governor had a chance to hear any of that testimony. I asked. Here's what he said. Actually, I did not listen to the testimony. But.

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