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News Saudi 3.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Clears guy Tonight, Temperatures falling back to a comfortable 59 to 63 then soaring to 94 to 98 tomorrow with lots of sunshine tomorrow night. Are we clear, with lowest 60 to 64. White hot on Monday. Plenty of sunshine High temperature of 96 to 100 Mackey weather really riled to stave hours news 93.1 KFBK. Next update in less than 30 minutes, breaking news the second It happened on Sacramento's news 93.1 a FBK This is data has. And once again I'm talking to Dr Nicole Mark. I'm from Kaiser Permanente and doctor. We've talked about vaccines and vaccinations like to go in depth on what are the benefits of being vaccinated for our country to return to normal, so there's so many benefits to getting vaccinated? It definitely in all the studies and what's playing out in real life is that the vaccine prevents people from getting coronavirus. And if it doesn't 100% prevent against coronavirus transmission, it helps to make the coronavirus cases much less severe, so it prevents hospitalizations. It prevents. Deaths. Even if you do get Corona Versi tends to be much more mild. And finally, it helps to prevent the spread because people aren't becoming infected, and those who do have much lower viral counts in the nose who are much less likely to spread it to their family members, their loved ones in their community. Thank you, Dr Nicole Markham from Kaiser Permanente. And for more information on vaccines you can visit vaccinate all 58 that's vaccinate all 58 dot com Old Dominion lives in concert. 74 Times ACM and CMA Vocal Group of the Year winners Old Dominion Short Million Sleep,.

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