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I mean to end with her on the iron throughout now i don't think so i think that that's that's hard to see let's look at uh somebody else in the land a stir family woodside wet tyrian for a hot second and truly a hot second technically in the land a stir family but there is this theory out there rob that tyrian much like john snow might be a secret targetarea and we've gone over this and the yes i assume yes yes so the theory goes for those who are not familiar because is certainly less familiar or less widespread theory that the john snow one is that tyrians actual father is that mad king in the mad king had r a relationship or had a night with with thai when lancaster's wife and syrian is the product of that you can go search at the theory to read the details of how that would all work out but just stemming from that this is something that elizabeth aims road in about a scene that we had in this past episode in east watch elizabeth rights there's a theory that tyrian us of target area in the mad kings bastard son last night's paternity test as you call it rob between john snow in the dragon made me think of the time that tyrian confronted the dragons without incident in season six so did last night's episode give some support to this theory like johnstone tyrian also passed the target and paternity test i'll tell you this rob antonio azzaro your friend and mine asked me the same question it's like do you think that this might be a clue that syrian is indeed a target area where are you with this one do you think that there's any shot that the show would give us tyrian targetoriented mentally so i like this theory but to me i thought it was something that are how are we going the gold back in time and we're going to find this out that this seems like a lot of stuff to explain through exposition with only a little bit of time left in there having been that many clues in the show.

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