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Get your big girl season. Now. If they onto two hundred pound the Malone. You know, I am a bigger part in have been saying that I'm gonna put it on the thing. And should do it for Halloween Halloween. What day is now? Look that'd be like two twenty something. I probably about a town amount of time for Halloween. I get back. Now, I remember I had my remember he'll come by little Facebook pod album. Just get started good. There's been so long ago. I didn't even know what Facebook would have had to be two thousand nine. What did it had to be nine years ago? Two thousand nine ahead over the bullpen restaurant by Turner field. I I hadn't know where Facebook was at that time. Y'all came out to my little pod with the costumes on and everything. One hundred dollars then but that seven people where the cost them, but they got their money though. Four four eight nine two two seven zero three. Let's go to our phone lines. See what we got going on here. Let's let's see. Thomas. How're you? I'm greg. Good bevan. How're you doing yet? Hold the no, call the to California what part of California. I'm from Los Angeles brother, but I just flew out here. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. Okay. Why you my town in welcome to my town. Thank you, brother. I appreciate you. Having me. We're talking about LA, man and jets vacation. And what part do you live in? What they tell me LA. You got to. It's changing quick I live in the part where.

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