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Maybe that skill is just being an absolutely unbelievable shooter lots again we're talking about a guy who's really your foundational top one two maybe three player on the team and that's something that o'neill brings is you look at it as like all right you know he's not a great dribbler up but he's capable hitting a shot he plays hard he runs the system e executes athletically is able to defend his position and now you of a player who is pretty useful especially in as jae crowder said quin snyder system another reason why i think they're okay losing joe johnson whose play mostly as a of foreign had not been very good this year is that they're getting so much more out of this favors ghobeire pairing uh this is before they played against portland but those guys are now playing fifteen minutes per game together and they're playing at the uw but they're also giving papers two minutes at backup center and they have a 22 net rating in one hundred sixty six minutes since rudy gobert return that is a lineup that it always been effective up until this year and then at the star this year was really bad people theorized that that was because of ricky rubio where they just couldn't score having those two guys in ruby on the floor they won the game without rubio amazingly i think a big part of that it has been that rubio's improvement with those two guys are playing exclusively with rubio on the floor up until tonight and rubio is a sixty percent true shooting or is less loving games and the fact that he's just being koblet bull shooting the three where he's hitting 47 percent uh on only threetenths of game so i'm not gonna write a ton into that uh but then he's also shooting more at the river being more aggressive with we'll see whether he'll that something at how permanent is is this i mean they're they're gonna regress a little bit uh but is this from rubio's this just a hot streak can he be close to the player that he's been the last month or so as they've gone ghana on this win streak going forward in his career a really difficult to say about him that at this primary i think the fact that he hasn't had any injury issues this year until this.

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