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On care for your cat. And I could tell it was a tough night for you too. I'm in show business. You're one of my heroes, but I'm not an approach or so I felt a little sheepish just sitting there witnessing the scene. But what I saw was a big deal. I struggle with the business I struggle with allusions mistakes honesty, and yet even booze and even aerated those struggles for me, giving them context and turn them into gold. I put you on a pedestal for that. If you don't have it all figured out, at least you've reached a level of self awareness at defines your ultra successful. Art. I also love to see you on the screen because identify with you just a matter of shared traits. There are lots of us. You are massive personality that night at the vet. I saw something different. I saw a man who cared about his pet. Someone expressing unconditional love I saw someone coping with the bullshit of medical forms and responsibilities. Waiting and waiting rooms. Just hoping your little buddy wasn't suffering. I think it's a beautiful thing. You were doing just totally human. And it helped me it helped me deal with the loss. We suffered last night when we knew that our little crickets short life was over. I want to say thank you for all that you do for carrying about your cat. And everyone else you've spoken to in that intimate space between our ears where your show is piped right in you made us all feel better. And that's all the more profound. Knowing your real God damn human being thanks man thousand times for being you Ivan. Well, I do my best buddy. And I'm sorry for your loss for for your new little friend. And and you know, I gotta tell you, man. This is Email really kind of I guess it. Sometimes it takes. It's weird. You know, you have an outsider view, and and just caught up in it. But you know, I think I'm feeling more more feelings for for what you go through actually. But. But it's good. It's it's good. Fuck. I don't know. Anyway, did I mention I've Tony shalhoub on the show today? Did I mention that? We're sponsored today by butcher box which delivers healthy one hundred percent grass-fed.

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