A new story from NHL: Blackhawks vs. Capitals


ESPN NBA doubleheader it should've had Jana some cool why on the floor instead Leonard sitting out second for a week he's missing a nationally televised game with what's called load management hello John that subject the clippers are going to play the life long game not just with quiet waters for once Paul George comes back with a better player like Patrick Beverley they're trying to preserve the health of these players over a long period of time to try to keep this group together chasing championships yeah how about the first game on ESPN it's a good one warriors severely undermanned but they're hang it in with the rockets James harden just gone on his own seven oh Ron Houston as a fifty to forty six advantage in the second quarter Westbrook and harden both playing this one college basketball ACC double header on the ACC network at night right north Carolina's opened up a sixty one to fifty advantage on Notre Dame the opener that second game offering number eleven Virginia and Syracuse Rutgers meeting with their former head coach Greg she auto to be that ended without him getting the job or at least taking it one sixty eight games over a decade as the school's head coach that ten year ending in twenty eleven former Tennessee coach Butch Jones and all kinds of a system of Alabama also interviewed for the job NFL chief cornerback Patrick most practice fully upping the likelihood whole start on Sunday though AT readers may know decisions as of yet gets ready act levy on Belle sat out practice with ankle.

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