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Against right hander bruce smith came in tonight with good numbers but greeted rudely by christian beth court to begin the inning the one ball pitcher rent bus it added front big hopper fielded by snapped wrote up i was just in time thought he beat the throw but he's called out by the first base pyre jj january sacrifice is successful want to four to third base miller representing the winning run to second is war they walk mandy here with one out saying opitz in the ondeck circle too bad in the pitcher's spot sky sox rapidly running out of bench moves here and they do indeed walk bandy bases loaded and it's up to the colorado guy shane opitz with the bases loaded one out game all the line four four times that i left handed batter to face the right hander bruce smith fifty one is looking for a double play sit up the middle go home the corners halfway are the fielders corners playing outfield it's up there with a chance to be a hero right hander art lefthander and the pitch low in with a slider ball one stop behind the plate by colton liam brad miller the potential winning run a third morris second bruce stretch by smith the pitch this is what hop no caught by the shortstop evans and you'll have a double play a backhanded catch on a looping liner by opitz too short and evans throws the third double off brad miller and we're heading into extra innings the basis voted one out of the chance to win it it opens lines into the six five doubleplay sky sox tied up in court whole broad cannot when it had regulation we had to the tenth inning all tied at four.

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