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Ralf you there oh yeah yeah ralf are you guys doing today doing good ralfie what's going on my friend well i got some questions for young yeah long all we ever feet and knicks as look i hard i the aren't true blue you'd go up and down all we are we ever going to get that enthusiasm said we got in the nineties funding to put their key um you know transfer sharing and who politically who uh really necessary to get a big thing uh i prefer state we see now to some are jackson so the world does what he did they go to state before steve kirk over ralph stop second okay because on one hand you said we don't really need a big name but then you throughout mark jackson to meet march jackson's bigname brady played for the knicks coach in the league of course do in broadcasting so much jackson's concert here's the problem with mark jackson how do we know mark jackson can do this job well we don't know what i say allan houston with the job i rather go with somebody i i kinda retract uh go for the big name 'cause they're all right mark jackson is a name uh okay how then houston trends tend to new to wear we're relevant i don't know i don't have the answer i believe we someone in the round so it'd be a mark jackson or as many indicators joe dumars we may have a chance to have some relevancy and not the laughing stock of the nba well ralph and i thank you for the phone call i mentioned the donnie walsh situation little bit earlier in the program by all accounts that are really really good job with this team he did remember got cleared out the salary cap mess they were in got them back to respectability got them to the post and ultimately they peaked with fifty four wins and a playoff series victory that's great.

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