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Going to play a soft zone against Drew Brees? That is like walking into a playground with a kick me sign taped to your back that I was befuddled. Either game plan on both sides of the ball. And while the execution was lacking as well, Tom braided in play well, some of the books secondary didn't play well. Coaching was there see out of order a little out of order on point? You could not be more on point that is a lucid, intelligent, well thought out. Objection. Freeze completed. Passes to seven different receivers in the first quarter, and we talked to a 10 year NFL vet and former wide receiver Harry Douglas, who played in that division over a long time against those Saints. He said. If you got placed all his own against us, and I'm I'm Emmanuel Sanders or Michael Thomas. I'm coming out or going through you. Look you see in this. What do you say? We're all going to eat tonight on? They didn't ever say everybody got a piece of that Tampa Bay pie, man. Everybody Gee spot on what you said. What she said, because everybody was to blame Coaches players, but you put together that kind of game plan. I don't know what was worse that game plan from Tampa Bay on what Pete Kallen Seattle Seahawks that we weren't prepared for Buffalo is going to do. We were surprised by the AP Cowboy making a judgment once in a while. It's okay to try. It is okay to try something different is something's not working. They didn't try anything different. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers on either side of the ball one more thing on that on that game, because we did a lot on that game tonight, obviously, because that was the biggest overreaction. It is an overreaction to hike your leg right now, like a dog on a fire hydrant on Tampa Bay. Of course, that is a also a lot of people today. What sort of booking McFarland going? Well, maybe they aren't, a Super Bowl contender. That is a grotesque overreaction there still a contender. They had an awful night because it has happened to the Saints. It has happened to the Packers. It has happened in just about every team not named Pittsburgh or Kansas City. In the National Football League. Those things are gonna happen, but things those things always get called out when it comes to out of order, Simmons on Freddie Coleman and Freddy and Fitz Simmons, and don't forget pencil. Synthetic mortals are made from natural gas. It gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in depends all based on secrets for a wear test using a live W. 30, We'll update you on jets versus pages. That game's flying by. It's about to go to the fourth quarter were given update. 100 game when it comes to knowing that football and we're gonna get you out of order when it comes to Tyler Murray, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback and one of our coworkers to play the Nashville Bali. Who says something really, really strange about Kyla Murray. Keep it here on ESPN radio, fellas. The.

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