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Is that so significant here. Here's laura what makes it worse two weeks ago and committee hearing. He said they did not find any gain of action research. I quoted that specific paper so the very paper that he puts in the email he says. Oh my goodness we need to read this paper because we looks like we are actually funding gain of function research. This is only on fox. Only on fox news else is well. Mum found she was just following. The i hate listen to that To to pivot with cash risher and professor professor g galloway. I hate listen to that. I love it to hate your hate listening. Oh my god. I don't listen to it all and they're like wow. This is so not cool. I mean he's just where the science is. There's nothing wrong with. The emails really was kind of boring. Nothing about the gain of function. They wouldn't talk that. Can i read something. I have a this article from. Twelve november twenty fifteen engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research and this is november twelfth. Two thousand fifteen and experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat corona virus one related to the virus that causes sars has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab variants of viruses with possible. Pandemic potential is worth the risk in an article published in nature magazine. Or i'm sorry. Nature medicine which is part of nature magazines brew on november ninth scientists investigative virus called s h c o one four which is found to be poor. Shoe founding a horseshoe batson china. The researchers created a miric virus which we talked about him february last year early. Yes made up a surface protein of s. c. h. one four s h c owen four and the backbone of the sars virus that has been adapted to grow in mice and meant to mimic human disease the chimera infected human airway airway cells proving that the surface protein of s h c o and for has the necessary structure to buy into a key receptor in the cells and to infect them it also caused disease in mice but did not kill them. He goes on with the story about the stuff that was then. This is old news and this note what reporters talking about this in the mainstream. I mean what is wrong with these zero head. They have no conscience. Well okay. zero heads talks about today. Kicked get kicked off twitter. Well let's let's Let me play this. Then i for you. Someone who was talking about this was the former head of m i six. He's also officer of the british empire. Richard dear love and this is from a podcast. of course he said right away. It's obvious what this is This is gain of function research and he was excoriated called a crackpot and now this podcast is calling you know this is a series guy former head of six. And he's he's he's what he had to say. How would you account for this change of heart and do you think. There's anything significant about the timing. It's tricky to explain. But i obviously i do feel a sense of vindication. Ciders gustov relation. But for that. Because between us we've had a lot of stick for in advocating this point of view and at long last. It seems decided. It's going to be a balanced scientific debate. I think there are all sorts of reasons controller to the narrative by the people's republic of china. Some extraordinary behavior in the scientific community which successfully shut down any debate. I would describe. It almost does academic but the some of the influential. They're all adjusts absolutely insisting that they knew the answer. And i think that an awful lot of respectable academics did not want to associate themselves with a view which was being pushed by the trump administration. Trump is gone and Biden now has as it were indicated. Appropriate scientific debate is necessary has surprisingly change the agenda the actual event that change the agenda and shifted. Well opinion was triggered by this latter eighteen eminent scientists right Denies by a good friend of mine. Stamps a relevant news professor microbiology immunology. I mean david's really an expert. Damon doesn't necessarily a spouse the leak theory but what he does. A spouse is a proper scientific debate transparent debate which he says has outrageously not happened in. It's shocking and if you look at the original w. our code of the four hundred thirteen pages less than three devoted Mentioned lab leak theory. I'm not buying his His stanford connection necessarily. That's new. everyone saying oh it was because of these guys and there was two indian research now. It's because of them. And all these different reasons and and the cbc and canada had a remarkable report implicating canadian scientists. In all of this. It's suspicious it's alarming. It's frightening gets perhaps life threatening amir outta ran is both a legal and medical expert. Who says auto needs to explain what happened. There's no reason for auto. Let's be secretive about this. We already know that. They've sent a bola virus to to china and that they're working with the chinese military scientists. This is known. What else are they hiding. Cbc has learned that months before being escorted out of canada's highest security micro biology lab federal scientists django chew sent thirty vials of fifteen different strains of ebola and henna pa- virus to wuhan china. Corona virus was not a part of that shipment access information documents. Show the head of the lab in winnipeg and his boss in. Ottawa had questions asking emails where the package was going. What was inside and if it had the proper paperwork. The public health agency of canada says this shipment is not connected to the ongoing rcmp. An internal investigation. But it won't say. What is one of the leading reasons that china might want to have a large catalog of abolish attic materials. Because they're doing what's called gain of function experiments. But that means our experiments that make the virus more dangerous or more deadly. It's a sort of research that we don't do in canada that is frowned upon most parts of the world. And i'm have helped them. This former diplomat says the vacuum of information is a concern. This is a serious problem. Minor problem an administrative oversight something more sinister. There's also danger if you don't provide information that people will always the worst conclusion no in from the lab from health canada or the public health agency of would comment on the story. And we've never been able to reach zan. Go to turn paul's abc like this. I like this because it's super fun to blame canada..

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