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Everybody who doesn't have my eyeballs. I want you to know. They spelled consumables with a cat combats awesome. Let's check in with the Readers Aka the listeners viewers. Yes I've got a question for you. We kind of touched on but I want to get more into it or sure. Boers in zero zero says. Good Morning Greg and Victor Good Morning. Victor is someone who grew up watching you on judgement day on g four. Yeah I have to ask. How do you feel about modern video? Game video reviews and video game reviews in general with the advent of Youtube. It seems everybody and their brother has a video game review channel but as you were one of the Oh Geez. What advice could you give to people for doing this on their own today? I think I. I'm super impressed by the commitment to create video essays which I see a lot of on Youtube and I think people really approach it from writing a good script and getting all of the details in there and one of the things that definitely appreciate as people like a lot of games aims today. They take their time with their review to kind of encapsulate many many months of game being out there and they do like a a huge deep dive into the game. I like all of that stuff. One thing that I would like to see. More of though are Honest emotional impressions from people and how a game impacts them and also see them onscreen onscreen kind of role playing a little bit of that. I feel like we can get the features and I used to talk about this with all of our hosts on our shows we can get the features from reading the product pages. Sure her you know on the publishers. Were all doing a good job for breaking down what. What's in the game? What I feel I think connects with me as viewer? The most and and as a content creator is how does it make you feel and why does it make you feel that way and dive into a little bit more of that honesty. And that's you know what I endeavoured to do and honestly it was a lot easier for me to bounce off of another You know reviewer Tommy or Scott or band or any of the people that I worked with over the years Jose But it's been a nice challenge in an exercise for me to go what they're alone and stand there and trying to be off the cuff and be as you know I'm always just giving my honest opinion but also try to be as get as much information as I can all from memory and not a spin your wheels. That's what I've always found like I I've been on game cast that you're even with other people where it's so different different than when I would sit down to write a review or write a video review. John just sit here and do it get into it like this year. I think you see me starring notes on the show where I I never keep notes when I would be writing reviews and playing a game. Yeah I've never keep notes right unless it was a very specific thing of this guy's name or whatever yes but for the conversations. I felt like I needed to start bringing me and outlines all over the place. Then I'd forget things I wouldn't say things are. We have an answer to a question. I knew I knew the answer to Yup yeah. I did that for a ton of years. Actually when Tom and I started carded we used to do notes. And we'd bring them to the thing and And then I got into the habit of not needing them or not using them. Yeah sometimes I feel like I would like to have them but honestly I feel like what's most important is not to just relay what's in the game. It's what does the game do for you. You know it's really easy. To just you uncut footage the footage shows with the game is about you know or the so much information out there. About what a game is you know and that is hammered home by multiple the previews and multiple stories about these things. But what is the game. Make you feel your personal right. Yeah that's what I was talking about. When people come up to me I meet and greets or whatever? They want to do what we're doing and how they do. It's always like the drive is to emulate Alma start site. We're going to be right and it's like that's the easiest way to be overlooked. Yeah because there's a hundred other podcasts cash right there in youtube channels doing that you have to come in and be like what do I offer that. Nobody else can do in so at the very basis. What you're saying if you played that game and you can relate it to your life? How does that work one hundred percent? I mean I'd I just I I look to the legends Cisco Neighbor you know like the the show was it worked on a bunch of levels and what it did is it sort of broke down. Whatever movie's plot was which you can read in any kind of water on a yes or anything and that was boring? You know but it served a purpose when they went off off book when they got to the point of going back and forth. Yeah that was magic and when I was a young viewer and Co creating the the show idea for electric playground. I said that is what our show is it. It is that moment it's when it's passed all of the bullshit. About what the game is you know how to make you feel exactly you know. And what said that sort of energy in that interchange about you know and and you know opinions are subjective and every individual is going to have their own thing and so even the score and the and the thoughts around a thing is it's less important than the emotional sort of conveyance you know and it works best when it's a conversation but it can still work really well if it's just one person as well. Yeah cranes the usual talked. Northe- says Hi Greg and Victor. I know I have an inside baseball question as well. How does the process work forgetting forgetting review codes for games? I'm small content creator and was recently given my first review code for an Indie game which I'm extremely excited about. I was wondering how the process for big companies and amazing creators. Such as yourself works I think it's Persistence and being very respectful in your requests and Recognizing that people are super busy and and you know I get asked. Can you give me an access to this person and this person and I usually kind of turn that down and I think you're going to find a lot of content. Creators don't really WANNA share their their lists with people because it's of kind of an implied form of endorsement share. which you can't really expect anyone to do when you're building your brand but just endeavour to build your stuff and grow your voice and get better with it and and people are going to respect your commitment to that? Yeah I get used to the fact that you're going to buy your stuff you know and we're going to get rejected when you do reach out and then for sure but don't be you know you just you're not owned and you're you're not owed anything. No that was I mean for me personally. It works the same same way today as it did when I did this for the first time professionally as a at the Columbia Daily Tribune when I had it is that I wanted to play football so I went to e as website insight and I went to press and I went to the media contacts and I found one and I email Bama explained what who I was. What my call him was what I wanted to do with it? Sent me a copy. And I'll never forget that Fedex of the shoebox in my office crap this worked in. It's the first time it's happened in Yada Yada Yada in so like today. When inevitably some indie Games talked about or whatever's happened in like the you know bare don't WanNa code for talking and I don't know those people it's the same thing I go to? There was a twitter and look for contacting him up that way. Yeah I buy and the other thing too I think in this age of influencers and You'll see people opening special boxes and all that Sharia and it's it's hard not to feel like why. Why did I get that? Or how do I get that. Yeah don't waste your energy on Apple Shit. Nah Don't waste your energy on looking at what other people are doing or getting or whatever just build your own thing and that that will crush your own rewards awards in this. There's always a bigger fish. Yes there's always a better fit is you can't sit there and do that right because that's the thing like if I sat there and like was upset that I didn't get whatever ghostbusters box is going out. Or whatever like I see somebody at the Halloween horror nights for goes beyond my shoulder about that. I'm not asking why that person's got invited over me. I'm not who. Yeah I know you can make you my content exactly and then you you know one day you'll get something that somebody else doesn't get and and just know that that isn't the status quo or the thing that you can always rely on the you know I've been in this business so long. I've seen nothing but this again and the reward is being able to keep doing it that..

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