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Mm every since she you brought that up that has been actor has been a couple of your clients who khanna may of noise or over to offseason most people will consider to be negative noise a look neural is of particular did that i want to ask you how and what went down from aired bliss assad because a see what we hear from everybody else except uh except you uh when it comes to liberalism you know there was a report that he turned out lee seventy million it it ended up with a qualifying offer and he's not playing well there have people say well this is this is something that rich paul dea to k k you explain or elaborate on what happened during the offseason with got to this point well no i i think you know me well enough i now i really autopsy negotiation one way or the other but i will say this when i met wouldn't earliest we were hey hey hey hey and honestly something quit a w i love your youth the word autopsy because i see that oh great mark or not when i when i met with relatives we met you know after he decided to to to to fire his his his uh uh past representation and and you know my conversation was planning simple no it was now the two dawn who passed away shen and respect to those guys if you know there's a great job or where the other that was for them this is something this this whole new relationship and and i do things the way i do uh and so my thing was hey this is what we wanna do and he agree you know i is is none of this is really nothing to talk about because i feel like you know it is it's bigger in chase in the big contract today are you ready for that were you at mentally you know how what areas you think you can grow in and get better let's work.

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