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This what's it like play a gay breeze well thirties in south carolina are still on the hunt for to escape murder suspects who busted out of the orangeburg county jail saturday night thais i'm sorry shawn johnson and curtis green are considered armed and dangerous the duo along with a third inmate who was captured early monday they took advantage of a brief electrical outage at the jail saturday night and just walked out of their cells then they overtook a bodyguard a guard by punching kicking and pepper spraying next they threw blankets over the barbed wire and climbed over the fence investigators say the escape took ten minutes tops can i show this if somebody broke out of prison and i knew there guys on the lam and they were dangerous and whatever and then i saw some guys my backyard with my clothesline shopping cry out clothes on there now everyone else uses a tumbledrier clothesline to try to track it's never move ever seen that's how they get their new set of threats right if i come running out there with castor troy's gun back from the action house i'd hold it and have like i speak with very present tone and it'd be a lot of lay down and put your hands but at some point at half to go i disagree with the crimes committed still kinda cool you're broke out that's that's cool that's cool that's all the stay we are but i'd have to keep weaving in much compliments about breaking out of the joint feel like tipples there's a part of me move i just respect that that facet sure rare it's a good time filler because as you know you have to pull that gun out right.

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