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Joel news time is seven oath three from the kelocom news center i'm michael eisner the first fatality of the sturgis motorcycle rally is a twenty five year old man from utah the department of public safety says he was driving a toyota corolla that swerved and crashed headon with a semi driven by in north dakota man the utah man was pronounced dead at the scene the semi driver uninjured so far this rally dui arrest sr up drug charges are down compared to last year and according to highway traffic counters traffic in a black hills is up this year as well this year's event ends on sunday at a motorcycle crash in sioux falls last month at fourth avenue in east maple has claimed the life of the cyclist forty nine year old vincent van dos ler no charges are currently pending but police say that some could come down after the investigation is complete and dassler's by collided with a pickup at the intersection the magical run of the suv falls little leaguers continues this week at the midwest regional in indianapolis coached jeff schmidt says his group is having a blast litter getting good for her and a little bit of women in band finger really really needed urgent shutter it on the end so falls place kuna rapids minnesota ten nights and sits three wins shy of a trip to williams ports in the famed little league world series pay.

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