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That's sure privileged. Well if anyone should want me. I'll be in my room wondering about things. Oh marianne here so long. I thought you died in your shorts. Doing developing was not my muscles. Honey not your personality either through treasurer simply share. I don't know he's been hibernating in the patio afternoon. L. up him. I'm ready to believe a lot of things you've said about murder kind of do anybody any good to make a fuss about it. Reasonable are very rich now. I'm much in love with tony. Stubborn cuss million. When i'm right and you haven't got enough money to make me think wrong. How much do you want. Excuse me i want to switch on the lights supposed to kill you then. No one would have a beige. Tony wouldn't tell thank about tim. This is the stuff man disappear. It can be done to thing and a lot of open. Land out here is people. Don't go to think of the place you'd go to mariam man man wanna show now. Listen mary and i've got a lot of friends in new york. And then know where i am and i don't hear from either going to wonder and ask a lot of questions. Put down that gun and come over here but you should be. This is the film we found next to matt's body and it tells an amazing story now and do you see those for dark streaks on the negative what about them. They all started one point and then spread like a fan. The first one is short. Second one's a little longer. The third one is the longest and the fourth one is shorter. So what does it prove. Proves marian that the sun is a witness and right here on this negative. It's pointing four fingers at a murderer. Twist of the wrist and where equals again shall we on. I like to see the other members of your family present and future. you'll never convince mullet. Four streets on a negative mean murder. How about letting me try it on. You also said him that you know who killed that. Casey what did say that. Didn't i fraser a step further. The person who killed match also george. I want you to get out of your tim time. But whether you're listening to not doesn't matter. I know you're listening to the sheriff right tim previous streak theory. Thank you dr. Well marian. I found this film next to mets. Buddy he was lying at the entrance to a cave in the rocks were piled high of no sun or light flooded that gave. The film wasn't ruined. But somehow one ray of some got through between the rocks and left these marks on the film. Tim in this room fraser. Today's the twenty. Second of june yesterday was the first day of summer they longest day of the year. You see now these streaks mean that's still a lot of nonsense before yesterday was shorter and the day before that still shorter. The position of the sun changes every day as the days get longer the sun rises hire. Anybody wants to question that fact. I see what you mean tim. According to that evidence math was killed four days ago on. He didn't return to camp. Two days ago fraser told us what let's see use. Who's gonna be out sooner or later. Nobody believed tony would deliberately give uncle george medicine. I didn't clan. Attacked me when i started. I was going to frighten him the desk. It didn't work. So i came back here and switch labels on bottles. The medicines looked like same color. I would have done anything then to get uncle. John's away fraser. Look up at the camp. I overheard talking. Casey about a new wheel. I didn't know what was going into it. But i sure he's going to cut me out. He didn't like some of the people. I've been fooling around with in town. So you killed casey to keep him from bringing back. Then you will should but but if i'd only thing before i burned in uncle george would be alive now. Known helped me known him george. Tell us it's all state goes to marion. Fraser trump national park battle. Exactly switch them told me the gotten what i done. It was too happy to happy and so closes. Tonight's crime club book the some as a witness based on story by aaron marc stein steadman. Closed the radio adaptation. Roger bala produced and directed raymond johnson played. Tim mulligan. And sidney smith was tony blair. Belie baked hello. I hope i haven't kept you awaiting. Yes this is the crime club. I'm the librarian. Yes come up with a week from tonight good. We have a very exciting story of a boat ride. That was planned by death. It's called the green missed murders by constance and wink. Little in the meantime well in the meantime there is a new crime club book available at bookstores everywhere. Available now fine and we look for you next week. Program came from new york. This is the world's largest network than usual broadcasting system. I hope you enjoy this latest uncle. Eric presents episode stay tuned for the next exciting episode. Please check back often and make sure to subscribe to my podcast. So you won't miss the new exciting episodes in the meantime. 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