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On the threes like that upper end of 4 95 looks miserable. It's awful, Nicole. Yeah, North bound is jammed over three miles coming up through Littleton. It's the left lane crash before route 1 19. And then delays after that point, yes, from Chelmsford up into Lowell. That's more than a few miles. They're more delays. Starting after 93 up into Lawrence Southbound 4 95 delays from 93 all the way down into Chelmsford, then starting before Boston Road down into Littleton. That's curiosity because of that North bound crash now, 1 28. Dortmund's stalled out Winter Street up into Lexington. Than before Route 38 up into Linfield. Southbound Grind Grimble Evan Beverly down into puberty. 15 minutes to get through. Their 93 is bad coming off that they can bridge up into Medford, then route 1 25 Past River Road and and over the Rue One backup starts before Sergeant Street. Let's check that lower end of 1 28 here with the WBZ NewsRadio Road report. Thanks, Mike Lauren to 1 28 cell phone You have even if I wanted to have and need him down here at the university haven't denim you'll think it cleared It didn't more delays after 95 inches tool. I was 24 It opens up, then slows again for before Route 37 into the split on the lower end of 93 cell phone. You're locked up out of the slip past them all. Didn't stay sluggish right out through 24 Randolph Davidson drawing but the WBZ NewsRadio world apart. Mass. Pike westbound backed up after the Westboro Service Plaza all the way out past 2 90 in Auburn. That's over 13 Miles, my king WBC's traffic on the three. We have this strong storm that right now is making its way around the South Shore just coming out of Quincy, getting over two parts of Weymouth and hang them over the whole and moving into Cohasset National.

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