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Computer glitch, and it caused a big back up of people who were lining up to get the vaccine. So the mayor of the town of Mount Pleasant came up with a pretty innovative idea to fix his gigantic line problem. He went and sought help from an expert. He found the local chick fil a manager Jerry Wachovia, Jack and solicited his help he says he wanted. He needed the guy to help him bring his quote, professional drive through experience to help speed things along that sure enough, Jerry shows up and boy he whips these lines into order and you see what he's up to. He's he's doing a great job. He's got all the cars lined up the way they need to be to get in through. He's making sure to check in on every window toe Sure that everybody has their paperwork ready to go ready to hand to the people. We're doing the vaccines, so that way they can Boom, Boom boom! Just get everybody right through this line as quick as possible. He saved the day. It's one of my favorite stories of the week that Chick fil A is not just for great chicken. It also helps speed through speed people through vaccine lines. They needed a logistics expert they brought in the they brought in the real expert, the big guns. I love this. I think that's hilarious. That would be a perfect job for me. These are the people who don't have their paperwork ready After sitting in line, you're waiting and waiting and waiting, and they're sitting in line and then they get up there and they're like I need your paper is like, Oh, okay. Hold on. Those were the same people who were in a drive up A T. M. And when they get when they get up to the A. T. M is when they reach over to go find their car. You could see the guys try to get up off the seat to try to get the wallet out of the back. And they got, like, really. What were you doing? We didn't mind. How come the card is not in your hand, ready to go, and then he drops it between the state and the console. Yeah, You seem like he's like digging. He's last hole fit. Yes. Yes, That's why I could never work in any kind of customer service because I just I couldn't. I couldn't do it. It's amazing like him who can because we need them. It's amazing and by the way is like one of the only times I get to see good press for Chick fil A. That's like a point like they're always Chick fil A's always under attack. All they do is produce a great chicken sandwich and then closed on Sundays so that people could go to church if they like like and so it's like a perfectly wholesome company. Is there the happiest fast food workers I've ever met? Like It's like we go in every single one of them across the country, and I've been to a lot of them across the country. It's all the same. They're all really nice. There are really efficient. They were great, and they get all they do is get constantly murdered by the media. One political causes to use apart or Europe woke enough. How come we don't support kneeling for the national anthem? Or whatever, Whatever the cause of the moment is there like constantly being slag. So some good news about Chick fil A finally breaks through there helping people get vaccinated. Very nice. That is a really nice story. I appreciate that. Thank you. 7 49 w e mail. Where Washington comes to talk. Let's.

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