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Hanging llc and we'll go back to the best of renegade radio already last week we tried to have over guy go in and the parisi worked with alex he was a bit he didn't do it this week we have boy is ours everyone else get no him as wandering dying going with them days of the more of a team player and the the new nickname for alex news guy is jeff throw jeff rose graduating should gradually thank you sir i do want to remind you in my view wondering everybody out there that we are joined racing yet again ghana f one boston in braintree make sure you come on dan would road and braintree right off the highway very easy to get to ride by the south shore plaza for a landmark but what roads right they're very simple off the highway we're going to be there the fifteenth on a thursday night june fifteenth seven to ten pm were probably going to get there earlier and start rippin it up but then we're going to be broadcasting during a special shell from seven to ten pm and everybody's gonna racin everybody this is our second annual i don't wanna sanyal because there has been a year but the second them excursion gone up the f one and while the listed as we want to pack the place so f one boston in braintree read there would road on the twelve june twelve seven to ten pm we're going to be there and like last time we've got twelve june empty fifteen ajit unsafe june twelve his father's birthday we tell people go to wrong day now and the data is certainly new workouts the in my own fifteen june fifteenth we are going to be broadcasting from f one boston in braintree june fifteenth thursday night seven to ten pm come on and i guess we made isn't kariuki there to at all marking cambridge gone we gotta do some we need somebody with a karaoke machine yes so if you have one bring it june fifteenth seven to ten pm thursday night come on i think a lot of people that are gonna that are helping the suddenness list is getting bigger and bigger tony's clamped shoprite there in quincy passes every day best fried clams in area also pablos chocolate right there and.

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