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Talk eleven, thirty WS It's time, for? Rapid traffic forty birds make. The playoffs false You don't think they will I do not see what they. Have going for them as as teams like Saint Louis up there are other. Teams that are it's not happening this year for the dodgers I don't think they made their run and they're heading right back in two zero Bill that they thought they were Pittsburgh made all these traits that contend and got. The made the manage to. Make themselves worse rather than better Your problem is is that in the in the in the in the east you've got Philadelphia Atlanta one of those two probably. Takes up a wildcard spot the one that, does it win the division in the west you've got Arizona Colorado with the. Dodgers is probably a wildcard there that makes it hard to pull one out of the. Central the division we're in because the central teams have to keep. Playing one another, and now we're talking about the brewers may be having some. Chance to still get, back in it because they kept playing the cubs but if you're going for a. Wildcard spot the fact. That they have all those cubs. Games still in front of. Them that's, a bad thing rather than a good thing because those. Potentially could be losses there. They just need two or three other starters to turn things around but right now all the. Studies other than she seed are either getting shot I'd say right now Freddie. Peralta is their second best started juniors just throwing batting practice at the moment chase Anderson pitches tonight council did try something with him gave him seven days off I mean he was their best starter for much of last year You know not getting Jimmy Nelson back losing Jack Davies blows a pitching staff that wasn't all that strong to begin. With but if you wanna win and baseball, it is remarkable you get four good starting pitching outings in a role is. A very good chance you have a four game winning streak right it's just become a. Game that was pitching especially do you have a good bullpen and. Then the other, thing that bullet brewers bullpen other than Josh Hader has Jerry. Jefferson's gotta hell winning, these games which they're getting five good innings out of the starter in the bullpen. MC come in and. Leave give up nothing and it. Was just that's gone away. I mean, the beginning of the season it was all the bullpen There's a little Four or five runs of that would be started giving up three runs bringing the bullpen for five innings win the game by scoring five rides announced. A strong gas Those are the reasons that'd. Be pessimists if they can? If they can start beating these teams that are worse than them? Starting tonight against like I say the key is starting pitching it yesterday what are they score yesterday three runs or two to two and they what does that prove Rods because they got a great stat out at your seat and then Jefferson hater they're only two. Good relievers right now did the rest pitching's driving baseball led..

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