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I know that for me. That's that's what this has been for me. I've been in. It's my balanced. It's a thing that 'cause i'm or to i like to be heard. Don't get me wrong but one of my life challenges is to listen and to try to listen as closely as i possibly can especially to those people who don't have a voice or don't have a platform or find themselves in a marginalized position where they don't have the privilege of white men walking around the world that whenever you speak people listen right you know. One of our friends recently said. I'm like yelling into the wind. That nobody can hear me and she happens to be a black woman and it's right she's right and all of us have these proximity to power that i think we have to get really real with so i don't know i believe that you reap what you sow in a lot of ways and dan levy my agent. He said to me one time about parenting. I mean it's one hundred and fifty percent all the time like. What are you talking about like you. Don't break from parenting. it's just all in and that was the best advice. I think that might be the real real on life like if you want a good life if you want success there is a cost right. Sometimes it's money. Sometimes it's time but in order to get what you want. You gotta you gotta get real real quiet. Listen to yourself and then i think what we as a culture need to do is start listening to each other. Don't we all just want to get through this stage. Where in to the other side like. Let's do it. Let's collectively agree like we don't want to stay here. We want to get to the good part. Amazing will thank you for that Especially coming from the athlete. Who made a goal that was coined the the header around the world. So you were heard around the world in in the greatest amplification possible in the global game of soccer. And now you're doing a lot of listening and appreciate you sharing on on this. Podcast abbey and.

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