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And experience music in our shared love of it all caps in person oh my goodness i do not need anyone telling me how to have a musical experience that said i get why jack white is like this i mean look at his last three titles allows reta was a quarantine station for maritime travelers when was the last time anyone needed to know that a blender bus boarding house reach was from the nineteen twenties i get it jack white's old time i'm not all the time he i'm right now we i like to take bad concert photos an instagram them and kind of like that kind of done that bit better i like sharing things i like this i like this kind of world where he end where it's fun we're sharing and telling everyone where we are and it's great if you don't wanna bring one but the number of people that are always complaining he talked too much he was sitting down why was that couple making out next to me i mean it's too much jared i i will say i saw two point i was on facebook and i saw a group of musicians actually talked with this i'm not going to out anybody anyone's names but essentially said they would do this but luckily said they don't want they don't want to enforce it they don't wanna they wanna make it a bit volunteer okay if you don't want to be on your phone don't be on your phone we really appreciate if you paid attention to the show by the wanna make you do anything right putting putting the lock device in the neoprene pocket yeah yeah i mean i take that point i take that point i feel like for me honestly it's not even about people being on their phones it's actually the visual distraction of it when i'm at the show because this is to me what want around screen addiction that the screen is so compelling no matter what environment you're in that if somebody has a phone out in front of you i'm like looking at how they frame the video that they're taking i'm actually paying attention to the bam which is just like an inadvertent distraction it's not even be mad at they're on their phone i'm just like i don't know if i wanna use that filter i don't know if i have frame the photo that way people that get frantic that you know that couple was talking too much i've had that one people behind me were talking too much why did he stand up in front of me right we're with people i mean i would like to be as richest drake and just hire all bands come perform just for me in my home then i can avoid all that i wanna know you any further but at one point jack waiting curves everyone to put their lighters up in the air yeah that's a fire hazard dhec white and i think that you might want to check your idea okay so we have one more topic let the polaris music prize every year goes to the best canadian out of the year voted on by jury of music journalists in the past it's gone to everyone from feist arcade fire to katryn nodded buffy sainte marie the polaris prize just released it's long list of forty records in contention for the fifty thousand dollar award it'll get whittled down to shortlist of ten records before the ceremony in september jared anything you're excited to see this year's list i mean the sort of the breadth and diversity of the records of got included this year we really was really encouraging from my perspective particularly when you have a range of records from say something like i don't some of the newer rb it's coming up in toronto like alley and daniel caesar and stuff all the way out to maybe yemen tonka sonic titan the jeremy dutcher record obviously yet it seems like it spans a pretty wide wide range of stuff so i was happy to.

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