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No. Broadcasting from the underground command post deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader. Hello, everybody. Mark Levin here. Our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. Well, my idea of having these state of the union of the Senate is definitely caught on on FOX. We have now hosts and guests who are supporting it or debating whether there should be a rally. A rally is a mistake. I've explained why. The president of the United States should not surrender. The state of the union speech in the capitol building canc- Pelosi, the Democrats, they only have the house. They don't have the Senate. There was nothing that says it has to be delivered in the house of representatives. That has been done to really accommodate the members of the house and Senate because it's a bigger form in the Senate chambers. Much smaller? And. I think the way it ought to be filled is the senators who want to attend and then the House Republicans. And then the military leaders in the supreme court, then whoever else can be crammed in there. And in the galleries. That's it. And if the more who went to watch it's like going to a Mark Levin book event at the Reagan library. We'll have some seats in a anteroom while the big screen, and that's where Pelosi can watch or not. She can watch on TV at home. I know people are talking about a rally. I don't think that's good advice from talk radio hosts from TV hosts, they just saw it again on FOX. I really don't think that's good advice. A rally. Really, it's the state of the union address. The capitol building should not be conceded to Nancy Pelosi. So I'm encouraging you to tell your neighbors your friends. Your members of congress. Suggest that we have this state of the union address in the Senate. Not in some auditory in Timbuktu. In the Senate, and we not surrender the capitol building. In Nancy Pelosi said it was a security risk. She never talked to the secret service. She never talked to DHS. She never talked to the capitol police. She just said it. Now, she's been told the border is a security risk right now by experts by people who actually work there, and she ignores them, I don't believe those facts. I don't believe those facts. Now, folks, I also wanna raise another point with you. If you are a reporter. And you hate the president of the United States. So thoroughly and completely. You should at least had the professional ethics. To take yourself. Off that beat. Your boss who can see through your own reporting that you so hate the subject of your reporting that you simply can't be a real news man, should take you off that beat. Conversely, if you love the president so much. And you're a reporter you should be taken off that beat to like ninety eight percent of the reporters who were reporting on Barack mail house. Benita obama. Let's go to the first example, I. Is there really any question that Jim Acosta hates Donald Trump? Is there any doubt that the executives at CNN know that Jim Acosta hate Donald Trump? Is there any doubt? At everybody in the so-called newsroom at CNN know that Jim Acosta as well as the rest of them. But Jim Acosta the White House has beat. No that Jim Acosta hates the president. Is there any doubt? Of course, not. So here's Jim Acosta on CNN today. Hat tip newsbusters. Cut three go. Well, our nation's capital has officially become a playground. Brooke? The president has responded in sort of a childish ways the only way to describe it to the house speaker Nancy Pelosi to her letter essentially saying that say the union will be postponed or she asked me to be submitted writing. If the government is still shut down. He is a a a snob. He is a blithering idiot. He's a leftist. He's not a reporter. He's not a reporter. He doesn't even show evenhandedness in in this phrase about a childish way. President United States is reacting to an act by the speaker of the house an act that has never ever happened before in American history. Not since presidents have being speeches from the capitol building. And the president you see. Is responding and sort of a childish way what you have mostly in the viewers CNN are cultists cultists. Cultists can love somebody cultists can hate somebody. They were cultists for Obama and Cultus against Trump. CNN is made a business decision. Not a journalistic decision. Not a news decision. It is made a business decision that its ratings are so bad. Wants to focus on a small niche within the American population. I'm telling you the truth. Well, my ratings on Sunday are higher than their prime time shows, and I'm on Sunday at ten P M eastern that is a failed cable network. And mine is a highly successful Sunday night show. So CNN has made a business decision. With Zuck Zucker. I think is at the head of it who's a leftist at NBC. And the owners have CNN have made a decision. Time warner. We're not gonna do news will claim we're doing news. We'll continue to be partisan. Although what claim to be objective? And the way we'll do. This is called the president a liar, and we have to hold him to account at it is we who stand for freedom of the press. When in fact, we will use. The imprimatur of freedom of the press to attack this president. But when you assigned somebody to the White House who has a real hate on for the president of the United States. That's not news, ladies and gentlemen. That's propaganda. We've invited Jimmy cost on this program. How many times several times, right? Mr producer. Nothing. They don't even respond so much for freedom of the press. He doesn't want to be held to account. He doesn't want to be questioned. I do I would do so on a very respectful way. Unlike him in the way, he treats the president. But I would. And I'd want to explore this with him. But he doesn't want to explore this with me. You've got a conga line of like minded Trump haters day in and day out who pretend to be news anchors are news men or women hosts you can also see by the nature of the people. They invite overwhelmingly Trump haters and very angry trumpeters like this, Anna, Navarra one nutjob. She is low IQ, I might add. When you have a host like sour lemon, aka Don lemon. Who day in and day out accuses sixty three million people are some large percentage of the Trump voters are being racists or supporting a racist. You know that that guy's not a newsman. And that's not a news network. When you look at FOX. You have a primetime lineup. That is not news. Tucker carlson. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram. They don't pretend to be journalists. But they do act as intelligent analysts. That's not a journalist, but they're intelligent analysts. They look at the information. They look at the facts, and they give their opinion, of course, based on where they're coming from nobody pretends, otherwise. Fox and friends. That's not really a news operation either new show, even though they have news segments. So they give their opinion, no problem. But Jim Acosta's newsman, Jake tapper is a newsman. These are supposed to be news programs, and you can't tell the difference. That's the problem. So my next question is in addition to my question is how can you allow man with such seething hate for the president of the United States to be your White House? Correspondent my next question is what does CNN's business plan once the president leaves? What is their business plan? Because they have now built a business model on hating Trump day in and day out. They built a business model that they are going to be the mouthpiece for the DNC every damn one of them over there every one of them. Wolf Blitzer, Jake tapper. And so forth. What is their business? They have none. So I suggest to you that once President Trump leaves CNN is going to go away. What's going to shrivel up to something? Smaller? But it isn't going to be what it is which is small enough. There are over three hundred million people in this country. Not all of them, obviously are adults. But over three hundred million people the networks are watched every night by about twenty three million people. The biggest Sean FOX get typically three three and a half million. CNN? They don't even get a million. Your morning show gets two or three hundred thousand despite the fact that is quoted all the time. Other words, they're not even a pimple on a pimple elephants..

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