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The night king is wins at all at the end that it's going to end negatively if if I was predicting that the night king was going to be killed. I think it would be Giora that kills them. Like the Nike is about to take Khalil out. And you know, he's his whole life. He's devoted to Khalidi. And I think he finds a way to save her by killing the night king. But that's not my official prediction. My Fisher prediction is the night. King stands at the end. No way like kings that is. Okay. So here are the moments questions. Are you ready? Yup. Is deniro pregnant you get one extra point. If you get this, right? Yes. Greg says, yes, I say, yes, I say, yes, also. Yup. Okay. Who kills the night king? Greg. Would you say John snow Mace? I am going to go. Sam. He's got the dragon glass wall have dry. No. But he's got the one he stole from the mantle. I think he's gonna be the surprise hero. Okay. Mine. Mine. Mine is nobody kills the night king. And then who holds the iron throne at the end, Greg. Would you go with gingy? Nobody even knows who that is. If you watch the show apparently know we do watch the show we show before. It means that you understand enough to get the to get the throne. He he's Robert breathy and son. Yeah, he's not a big enough character to get the throne may. So you're going with I'm going with Tyrian. I'm going tonight king. Yeah. I I will thrown. I don't think it'd be the injury is the right answer. I'm not alone. No. He's the betting favourite zero. Increase the betting favourite. I'm like, I I would be disappointed. If I can't tell you which one is gender as you guys think anybody dies this Sunday. Yes, Honda, no lake made somebody on this list. Hundred percent somebody big is going to die in week one. I agree hundred percent who do you think's going to somebody big? I'll say Jamie Lancaster's did that right off? No, no too soon. Now, no kill Onta. He's only got one arm. How dare you can't kill sons in week one? She is the lady of winter fell for well. Not. No, it's like, it's like one of the great joys is gonna get it. You know, somebody not important Yarra. I hope it's not theon. He said such a rough go reek. They took his good. Yes. He can go. No, they took everything from. And by the way, that is everything everything you're on could go I can see your ongo. Well, you're on is is reckless. He'll he'll do something to get Milla, Sandra. I thought she already died. No, I've got her as a white Walker. How many white walkers? Did you make so far? Just one Mellon. Sandra grey grey worm is is going to get is they took everything from him. Yeah. For all the ones everything how come you didn't put the hot girl on here. I didn't make this list. If to be honest, we stole it from read it somebody made it unready. Yeah. What is what is Natalie Emmanuel's characters name, though it? She's she's the handmaiden for collegiate MRs grade you MRs MRs MRs grey, warm. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they can't kill her. She's too good looking but day. What is it Masan day? Yeah. No, she doesn't she doesn't rate. She's not on three three. And a tarp is going to get killed probably by Jamie brianna. I hope she makes it pod. Her living padraic is an important enough to kill Padre. No Padres going to you guys. See SNL this week. Yeah. So here's what jumped out at me about.

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