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Good. I'm not gonna be not humble for good. No one you can tell tiger. Pick that up. That was probably the best part about it. I got you. Don't worry i got. That's the greatest fun stuff from last may two mays ago. Eight four four two four rich number. Dial right here on the rich eisen show radio network on peacock. We come back a little bit earlier while you're listening to this radio station and all the important ads and advertisers and supporters of this show We we do. We do show a video from our past archive and we had peyton manning on the day after the first match where he was tired. teamed up with tiger. Now so awesome. That rain you know what i mean i. It's is just were. I feel like we're taking it for granted a little bit. I feel like we're taking it for granted already a little bit that. What that this We're getting these cool matchups school foursome or no. That may twenty eighth. I think it was two thousand twenty. We were in full on lockdown in this country and some places were already you know itching to get out of it and the society that we see today About this virus and how it is split many people Was beginning to take hold and we were all wondering when sports is gonna come back. How quickly could it possibly come back. We were still even holding out. Hope there could be a you know an nba season continuing like let's just go back into the arenas member was a two week hiatus when the nba took its break. Pause the season in the middle of march like we'll revisit two weeks. Well then two months later is when that happened and it was just a reminder of competition there were no fans it was weird but it was like a game a list athletes bringing their games best they could and brady struggled you know and it was just until he didn't and then we heard them. You know going back and forth. Fill at one point was talking about you know here if i hit the chip this way or that way and you heard him basically walk us through what he was going to do with the chip and then he did it. It was amazing. It really was an amazing event. And now here. We are your later if you had told us then. Okay if you had told us then two things one that one year plus later so it would be what is it. It's about fourteen months or thirteen months and a week. Later from late may to early july that it would be taking place once again to nfl players into professional players that brady let's put a brady and mickelson would be teamed up again and it would be part of. Nba finals game. One in front of a full house in phoenix and it would also be major league baseball. Get ready for one week before. It's all star game on time in front of all stadiums and also that aaron rodgers would be swapped out for peyton manning but his future. The packers would be completely up in the despite him winning the mvp of the upcoming nfl season. That would go off with many hitches but without losing a game and we would get through the nfl season with positivity rate in the nfl of way less than one percent and on top of all of it tiger wouldn't be there because we're wondering whether he would ever play golf again because he gets into an accident where it looked like you he was dead. I blush and that he was the best player on that day. He brought his a game more than anybody else. On that day he was stupendous on that day. And the reigning masters champion. Were wondering you know when they were gonna ever play the masters and they said well. We'll do it in the fall. And they did it in the fall. But he was the reigning masters champion in that may in which they hadn't played the masters because that got pushed. I think we take it for granted a little bit. Certainly take it for granted when you know in all honesty. I'm i'm watching a full packed. House of somebody. Eating seventy million hotdogs seventy six. Oh my goodness record. Now i'm going to get into this situation here. The joey chestnut joe chuck. I'm gonna get into the city. 'cause we've we've played into this before we've had we've had we joe. He's never been on the program he hasn't but the that in the announcer guy or you know from coney island i'll tell you the name hold on okay and i'm seeing how joey is put up there with a board of of all time greats in the history of their sport in terms of winning champions and whatever but it is without question the most disgusting thing. I think i've ever seen is watching them. Dip hotdogs in water and then consume it without basically tasting it. Richard shea is the. It's just absolutely positively disgusting and it is not a sport. It's not a sport professional eating or competitive. Eating is exactly the type of thing that i'm trying to keep my children from doing every single day every single day. If you're done if you're full you're finished. Don't gorge yourself if you want. It's not a competition. Sit around sit at the table and let's spend as much time as possible as a family. I know you want to go back to your dumb ass roablocks or whatever but it is one of those things where i again. I am getting older. I'm north of fifty two years ago. Plus when i turned fifty. You've gotten this. Mike and this will happen one day. How close are you to fifty. Tj talk about it closer than i liked about is that you know you might have to start jay. Fm in the top of that beard of yours. I mean my already doing okay. Oh wow who knows jake. Jefferson's code. That's that's that's his. That's his fantasy team for the fall coat of pain as you could see. I don't put anything in my beard. I just let this thing go well. That's more stubble but not this definitely not stubble writer but you know you're going to get an aarp card. That happened to me fifty. You got chris once coming your way. You're like i didn't ask for this about for ten years thank you. Time's gonna fly though. Okay so i'm getting older. I'm looking at this. Something in this is absolutely positively disgusting. And i cannot show. My children cannot share with them. Someone say he's one of the greatest athletes in the world. He's not an athlete. Well he's not an athlete. What does he do does he do. Jaw exercises is that what he does. Is he trains his safa guess and its stomach is there a jas j. c. Seventy three seventy six jason seventy-six system which is what like. He's well he practices. He competes in multiple competes. Events major league. Eating of course star george as the i on pat on them on and we announced on that we've been there. We've done that and on. i'm i'm i don't know i've gotten older and a little bit more. You know get off my lawn. You know and he gets monster trophy. That looks like my fantasy football league rich. And he's got a bell is amazing. Just like you know results gusting. It is positively disgusting. There is just the massification cannot look at somebody. When you're eating fast even we have a buddy of ours in poker. I'll call out murph. Because he called him. Honestly what you're never gonna live that down martin. Murphy's murphy's portion control issues. He's got portion control issues. He'll just and i. I don't know he could have been irv to irv. Also says you know he. He's one of Over dozen kids so you know you have to eat which is in front of you watching. Irv eat any in a game day morning. Meeting is awful. it's terrible. he knows it to. You'll get a plate of stuff and it's just like he's like joey chestnut of game day morning and and murph my buddy murphy will just take two slices of pizza from a box okay. That may be one of us will have. You'll get it. And he'll scrape the cheese off of it..

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