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With young children more hispanic moms with young children than any other kids tv network we also reach more low income homes and more moms of young children in low income homes than any other kids tv network let's talk a little bit about daniel tiger's neighborhood daniel tiger is modeled after a character named daniel who was a tiger on the original mister rogers neighborhood here is a little clip of the original daniel tiger i've never seen a tiger that looks like and i've never heard and tiger the talks like me and i don't know any other tagger who lives in cloth no neither do i or people sometimes i wonder if i'm to tame sometimes i wonder if i'm mistake i'm not like anyone else i knew when i'm asleep or he way sometimes i get to dreaming that i'm just think i'm not lying it's the original daniel tiger from mister rogers neighborhood before i burst into tears lesley wrote rotenburg talked about how we get from the original off my god talk about how we get from the original daniel tiger to daniel tiger's neighborhood something that we felt very strongly about it and we took a lot of time to do it right of course working with the fred rogers company who felt very strongly that they wanted to preserve mr rogers core values in a program that really spoke to children today so they actually had sort of competition going with our help and develop had a number of developers working on the the next mister rogers neighborhood for this generation of preschoolers and actually the the creator of the show daniel tiger's neighborhood her name is angela santomero and she grew up with mister rogers neighborhood and she also created blue's clues so you know she she understood the importance of the lessons that mr.

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