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Now as it turns out a majority. Of your lawyers over fifty percent expect, to give pay raises by, the end of. This year, I think that. That is a big trend turnaround this Gordon a careerbuilder survey published on Friday but, all things are local what about here in the Houston area join us to talk about it Patrick Jankowski of the greater Houston partnership do. You find similar figures here Patrick what we're seeing is the unemployment rate, is dropping fairly low within below five percent since October whenever you get an unemployment below five percent. That means you're fuel workers out there. It starts to put pressure, on the workforce and they're going to be better off her bitter compensation packages to find these worker so I wouldn't be surprised to see. Some improvement compensation by the End of the year of course that depends of course on what type of field we're talking about here. Which which areas do you think are more prone to sing raises Right now, there is a shortage of workers and the blue, collar sectors of the oil, and gas industry people who work out in the. Field on the drilling rigs on the fracking not. As much so in the white collar sector the oil and, gas industry plus there's always a need. For, workers in healthcare there's always a shortage in the. Texas medical center it seems and general sectors that are serving a growing population things, in retail and restaurants and healthcare again those are sectors which are are definitely adding jobs no k. w., what sectors, are not, like to. Be adding many jobs in mortar the worst areas, to go to ask the boss for a pay raise right now Ask you for a pay. Raise I'd look at my own performance I before. Out there so but we're seeing some weakness in. Construction there's a bit of a contradiction in the numbers on, one hand received some employment is going. Up, there but we're seeing a drop off in construction. Activity also the manufacturing sector if it's tied to oil and gas seems to be, doing better but it manufacturing sector seems to be a little too weak right now Also I would be. A little bit concerned about some of the some of the white, collar sector engineering has been real slow to return after the downturn okay And of course the folks that careerbuilder thinking about the average raise is going, to be right about five percent would you concur. Around here that's what the average race is likely to be the trace I don't. Want. To it is locally but. We're seeing two to three percent? Inflation rate and so the raise any raises that come through a. Hopefully be above the inflation okay minimum of two to three, and what, is just out curiosity because I'm sure you've had plenty people ask you for? A, raise. What's the best other than knowing what your real war is Jenny employer what what's the best way to go in and try to get a race oh. Gosh One thing I'd I'd make sure that I've been able to get all my work. Done. In the past that I. Am a still a performer it's? Easier if you're the number one person on your team to ask. The and and if you're someone in the middle of the, pack or, at the bottom of the pack so it's really needs to be based on? Performance okay Needs to be based upon what others in the market are paying if you're. Trying to talk to your boss, about a race it would? Be good to go in and say I know that the market rate is this, and I'm being paid that so I like to be. Paid, at, least with the market right is you can go to the bureau labor statistics they have all. Sorts. Of data, there. About what way traits. Are in the eastern region in the first thing I say does he do your research find out what. The market is paying before you. Go in and ask for race you. Better, have a better, reason I deserve, a raise yes yes that's. It sounds sounds like one of. My, children saying I deserve an increase in my lowering. Exactly all right Patrick thanks for joining us Patrick Jankowski the greater, Houston, partnership here on NewsRadio seven forty KTAR..

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