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Of course you know what soundtrack the song was on oh i don't not on the boomerang soundtrack twenty years seen that movie that doesn't mean anything the sutherland twenty years no no no but deep cover what else how real man this is not on decoder you know this is trash soundtrack what does she do now teach he's active he's teaching a class nyu hip hop everybody teaching right no but anybody in them while you talk about i'm going to talk about the the influence that he'll papas hat on or jazz had him on very cool i want our pick pete rock to teach that class but we got to these forty eight years young how today is your birthday q brought to you by jaguar monroe newport beach seventy three tourists to see visit land rover newport beach dot com man rover above and beyond i got a birthday coming up get a land rover no l are two i don't want the big boy i'll take you know i'll take get little discovery action no no no i don't know man i feel like this would be a great way for the sponsors to really activate their promote i mean look hey just take a breath i'm just saying i'll come out asking for too much eight the rope they want to be a cow oh man all right so let's get to a couple of these things real quick by the way just some news broke apparently earlier today did you know that the memphis grizzlies or with one point three billion dollars apparently they are now.

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