Dan Glickman, Secretary, President Trump discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1705 - Will We Cause The Deaths Of Millions? w/ Steve Clemons (M)


Well i i mean i guess the stakes involved i mean look he's uh uh i agree with you in terms of his ability to uh to to comfort a the mom of a of a fallen soldier uh but the stakes that we're talking about right i mean are huge are are huge you know it millions of the right the world will recover from his inability to function like a normal human being when it comes to drawing able to say i'm sorry about the loss of your of your of your son who died in uh you know putting aside this the validity of the exercises news in um but uh you know my concern is where is that line like at what point eight flow we are already pass their me i i tweeted something that dan glickman a former secretary of agriculture he was he was your once um during a presidential administration uh designated as the designated survivor and and and the nuclear football followed him any any wrote a piece in politico the other day that said that he shouldn't have had that power no single person to have that power even though you know you anticipate well the reason that the president has you have the shortterm decision decisionmaking is in case the united states as an attack and an allout attack but donald trump is a very different kind of person and it's making a lot of people question whether this man on his own should have the singular authority to launch nuclear weapons at any one and i think we need to rethink that immediately right but he does in it doesn't appear that people are and i guess the question is there you know look uh lindsey graham i saw television couple of months ago saying if there is a a war in a if we if there's a war in the korean peninsula it's not gonna really impact us um i mean he will busy graham is wrong it will create a global depression.

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