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Welcome this is the milo scher and i am your host miler fresh from kuyateh practice shit hole gate his rumbling on and with it the left in hysterics i'm loving it this is the basis for the entire immigration strategy of liberals of progressives if the democrats have left wing ponte's everywhere that we should be sharing though are bountiful opportunities with people from underprivileged parts of the world and yet when you describe those underprivileged parts of the world and fruity language suddenly all hell breaks loose leftwingers don't like shit holst described this shit holes mostly because they're proud of their record in places like st louis flint michigan newark new jersey the maxim divide and conquer which was attributed the foot the second of macedonia together with caesar and of course napoleon describes perfectly what donald trump is doing is a wonderful i mean none of this stuff this guy does is is an accident it this is all on purpose in it's brilliant and it's hilarious um just with one word managing to just swallow up the hysteria outrage lindsey graham cold mexico by the way in case you don't know this mexico and other countries hell holes in 2013 if he's changed his mind i look forward to him calling for zero immigration from mexico from now on the old man himself president barack obama called libya uscic show well we can look forward i think to the grand opening of the former presidents summer home in tripoli coming any day now the idea that immigrants are from schiphol countries is the exact sentiment expressed by the left to justify their entrance under official and unofficial refugee status says tweeter luke rosiak absolutely true and the inevitable god godwin's law of this debate we finally got it it's hit npr i love her she's great maria hino joseh an npr host who covers latino issues i'm gonna read outs who is absolutely great latino issues for the publiclyfunded stations npr that you pay for ladies and gentleman compared offices.

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