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Don't think wwe can do three or four weeks. Awa could because they only have one show which they did which they did originally. Yes, so they could get away with that. WWe. It's a little bit harder. They would essentially have to have everybody down there for a week to probably do everything in. That's not feasible to do But continuing no family friends, our fans should attend any of these shows piping crowd noise if they want. Don't bring in New People. You don't know if there have been there. They've been social distancing. That's fair use talent staff, crowd maintain social distancing. Have them wear masks likewise stop with the lumberjack matches and the battle royals, no need of having that many people around the ring at one time. But. It's a fair point Oh. It's a fair point, an WBZ credit they're. They've they're not doing that. They're not doing the on about a royal. They've not done a lumberjack match. A W. has done both test, alls, talent and staff regularly, which Awa has been doing this whole time. W W has been doing. I think temperature checks. This this is wwe biggest flaw. They should have been testing for at least two months now. It probably wouldn't have stopped the breakout, but it would have given them some clue of what was going on essentially, and that's that's an extremely fair point it them. Testing from the get-go would not have stopped this I want everybody to understand that you'll ever tested from the start. This would happen. No, no, and you want to know why it wouldn't happen. Happen, 'cause here's the next point need to use commonsense. They've been on social media showing off each photos and birthday parties where they did nothing to protect themselves. WWE can test all they want. Same thing goes for eight W it won't matter if wrestlers are being dumbed beyond their job, which you then look at the guys like rains Kevin, Owens same museum who have taken steps to self quarantine stay with their families. Kevin has gone off into the woods. Stay home with family, they you had people so distance the proper way, but not everyone sees it as serious, or they want to have some semblance of life. The don't what moments who fly by. They tried to do. Continue enemy. We've all been We're talking about this before the show. We've been in quarantine now since March almost going on for months now not quite about three and a half going on four. We're all getting. Stir crazy, and the thing is is they've now started reopening everything Florida and Georgia and several other states have the bars open? They have the beaches open in Florida they have restaurants open their opening movie. Theaters are opening concert venues opening all the stuff back up and it's like we can now get back to normal life because Kobe was on the downturn. Now it's back on an upswing. It's on a major upswing. I know in Florida for sure and I. I think it's going to be on a major upset. Swing here in Georgia and you need to check where you'd look to. Because there's more and more at six happing everywhere, and the thing is you. Have people going out there? Not Social distancing. They're not wearing masks. I, don't know about anybody else out there, but whenever I go to the grocery store, I rarely see people wearing masks. If ever I'm wearing one, but I'm not seeing anybody else really doing it. It's very very rare and I understand. Some people think as a crock. Anderson people think it's uncomfortable. It's unnecessary. It's your choice, but here's the thing if you're a performer and if you're having to. To go into an environment where you've been potentially exposed this stuff spreads like lightning and in a fish bowl. That is the performance center as you can see. One person walks him with it tool. People can get twelve people get it. It could double. It could triple. It could quadruple, and eventually the entire staff could potentially be sick. They may not be, but that's the reality. That's how spread one person brings it and a bunch of people can get sick. You have to be smart about this stuck. She's GonNa. Be Smart, which brings me to the last point, and finally we as fans have to stop being hypocrites if we're watching these shows during this time. Time we can't tell www to stop production. We can't point out problems and give our opinions. We're part. We were part of the cycle to no one's innocent in this so basically we need to cut him some slack. If people got to show a mask, okay, people have to show up in masks. That's completely fine. I've never personally been against. That I didn't even know. That was thing that they that they were I. Don't think I don't WanNa say they weren't allowing people to wear masks, but they weren't necessarily encouraging people to wear masks, but I think people felt safe enough that they were like okay. I don't really need to wear a mask. That situation, but you have to stand that. They're doing the best that they can. In their hands extremely tied because right now. We're running with a low limited. This is both eight of U. N. WWe okay. The running with limited staff limited talent. Nobody's being forced to work. Nobody's being forced to show up. If you do not want to come to work, because you are concerned about kofoed. Kofoed or you have preexisting health conditions, or you have someone in your household that has a pre existing health condition, and you do not want to expose them, because for wrestlers and staff and everybody that are working shows that they're traveling back and forth. There's a huge exposure risk. You do not have to show up and that goes, and you can say that at any time clearly. Clearly, you can say that at any time and be like you know what I just need to self, quarantine or I want quarantine for a little while is a cool. If I stay home. Yes, it is cool. receive that with Kevin Owens. We're seeing that with same Zane happened with Roman reigns. He was kind of the first set the bar. He was like you know what I'm. I'm GONNA go home. I'm good. I'm show, but we have to cut them some slack 'cause. They're performing their. They're putting the shows together. They're giving this to us and they don't have to. They shut down and we've been saying this day one. They could have shut down and they said you want or a center home in here's here's what they will at least the released data. The can't now. Television contracts are holding them. It's the only thing even. As, the only Thing keeping AWA float. Yeah, the the money involved in that. That's what's keeping them going. They have to produce content. It's some things are facts of life producing content content for your television partners. You have to do that at some point. Is it health? Yes, can you produce content different ways? Yes, but there are parameters in. It just it sucks like everyone's in a bad spot, but. Sometimes, you have to Grin Barrett and do take every precaution world. Sometimes things will happen. We're looking at baseball coming back. We'll look at basketball comeback. They're going to be issues. We're seeing cases up before. Baseball even gets back into play. We've had you see event. Where fire had got pulled it just going to be a thing.

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