Jamal Khashoggi, Congressman Adam Schiff, Saudi Arabia discussed on 24 Hour News


Jamal Khashoggi announced that eighteen officials Saudis have been detained the I've made a series of who is the head of general intelligence here. Very very senior intelligence official. He's being detained. Congressman Adam Schiff of California. The ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee says Saudis claim not credible. He says that the Trump administration does not hold the Saudis accountable. Congress will meantime, the president says he wants to talk to the Saudi Crown prince before the next steps are taken. He said, though, it's very important at the Saudis made arrests also said he prepares words and set in quote some form of sanction on Saudi Arabia. Adding the fact that the Saudis have made arrests a good first step but said what happened there is an acceptable wins. News time four six nine the official ten ten wins AccuWeather forecast. Your full forecast is just minutes away shower in spots early this morning, then breezy, clouds, sunshine, other shower likely this afternoon, mainly in northwestern, New Jersey, Hudson valley suburbs, high sixty four currently light rain. Fifty three degrees in midtown on Long Island. The teacher at the Lawrence would mirror academy accused of raping a student. Investigators say he allegedly began assaulting her several years ago when she was fourteen facing dozens of allegations, including rape, former teacher, Dan. Mcmenamin pleaded not guilty is bail set at two hundred eighty thousand dollars. I thought it was somewhat excessive. He's never been arrested he voluntarily surrendered himself, and it was actually higher than the prosecution had requested. William J represents the Thirty-three-year-old valley stream man, and he proclaims his innocence that this did not happen of the charges stem from an alleged three year relationship with a student beginning when she was fourteen and he was a teacher at Lawrence would mirror academy..

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